December 2018 – Milking Shorthorn Canada Proofs

Milking Shorthorn Breed Leaders Stay Strong

The list of Top 5 LPI sires remains exactly the same order as last round with Treeton
Pingerly at the helm taking #1 spot for LPI, Milk, Protein and Conformation as well as #4 Fat.
The following four LPI positions are still occupied by B Jurist (#2 for Milk, Fat and Protein),
Lady Grove Conrad, Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace-ET (#3 Fat, tied #4 Protein) and Oceanbrae
Ironman-P ET, in that order. Similarly, on the cow side, Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET (full
sister to Ace) remains as the breed queen in #1 position for LPI, Fat and Protein while
Oceanbrae TP Jocelyn remains at #1 Milk and Lands-Brook Chardonnay-ET-EXP (#5 LPI)
still leads at #1 Conformation, now tied with Lady Grove Mocha Cecily. The Top 5 LPI list is
completed by Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 (#2 LPI, tied #2 Protein), Lady Grove BJ Charm
(#3 LPI, tied #4 Fat, daughter of Chardonnay) and Oceanbrae Pingerly Betty (#4 LPI). The
two highest newly indexed cows this round, taking #54 and #55 LPI positions respectively,
are Serol Pingerly Marielle and Oceanbrae Ironman Crystal.

Top LPI – Bulls Domestic
Top Conformation – Bulls Domestic
Top LPI – Cows
Top Conformation – Cows