December 2018 – Holstein Germany Proofs

Endco Yoder L7933 9839-ET (GP-83), dam of Durable, #1 RZG Genomic Sire

In the December 2018 – Holstein Germany Proofs, Pine-Tree Durable tops the Interbull Genomic List at +167 RZG. He is a Charley x GP-83 Yoder x GP Liquid Gold. Tied for #2 is Ste Odile Expansion at +166 RZG. He is a Guarantee x GP-83 Supershot from the Laurie Sheik family. Also at +166 RZG is Westcoast Soundcloud, an Outlast son from a GP-83 Delta x Snowbiz Sympatico Sophia-Red (VG-85), the former #1 GTPI RW Cow of the Breed.

S-S-I Snowman Mayflower remains #1 in the Interbull Daughter Proven List at +155 RZG with over 8800 daughters in production. He is a Snowman from Roylane Socra Mira 1760-ET (EX-91 DOM) x Seagull-Bay Oman Mirror (VG-86 DOM). De-Su 11236 Balisto holds his #2 ranking with +154 RZG and 13375 daughters in production. He is yet another descendent from the Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family.

Interbull Genomic List
Interbull Proven List