December 2018 – Guernsey Canada Proofs

“Pilot” Makes an Interesting Entrance Among Guernsey Sires

Young sire graduate, Lindrian Grumpy Pilot (Grumpy son out of Lindrian Garrett Pippy 465)
receives his first LPI at 1000 points and grabs #9 position. The breed leading trio for LPI
reverse their order as Dairyman Double Dawson increases to take #1 LPI (#2 Fat) and is
followed by his sire, Pine Ridge Double L (#2 LPI, tied #3 Fat) and the former LPI leader,
Trotacre Enhancer Lewis, now at #3 for LPI, Milk and Protein. Idle Gold E Challenge and
Golden J Ronald Grumpy stay solid in their #4 and #5 LPI positions, respectively. For cows,
the Top 5 LPI list remains exactly the same as last round, including Glen Haven Lewis Lana
(#1 LPI, tied #5 Fat, #3 Protein), Eby Manor D L Indy (#2 LPI, #2 Fat), Lindrian Polite (#3
LPI, #1 Milk, #4 Fat, #1 Protein), Guernsey View Urma’s Expense (#4 LPI, tied #5 Fat) and
Guernsey View Winner’s Zuri at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round is Eby
Manor Logo Sylvia at #8 LPI, who is a daughter of Eby Manor Gary Sasha.

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Top Conformation – Bulls Domestic
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