CDN Publishes Top Ranking Jersey Pro$ Sires for August 2016

The top ranking Jersey Pro$ sires in Canada for August 2016 have been released by the CDN. Topping the list at +1693Pro$ is Sunset Canyon Dignitary, who is also at +1942LPI and +1 Conformation. Dignitary is owned by Select Sires Inc, OH. Ranking second on the top Pro$ list at +1591Pro$ is All-Lynns Valentino Irwin, who is also +1782LPI and +11 conformation. Irwin is owned by Select Sires Inc, OH.

Rounding out the top three Pro$ Sires in Canada is Hawarden Impuls Premier, also +1961LPI and +11 conformation. Premier is owned by ABS Global, WI.

View the CDN’s Top Pro$ Jersey List here