CDN Publishes Top Ranking Holstein Pro$ Cows for August 2016

The top ranking Holstein Pro$ Cows in Canada for August 2016 have been released by the CDN. Topping the list at +2573Pro$ is Silverridge V Munition Earwig VG87-2YR. Earwig is also +3227LPI and +10 Conformation. She is a Munition daughter from a VG86-2* Snowman followed by a VG86-4* Planet. She is owned by Silverridge Farms, ON.Ranking second on the top Pro$ Cows list is a full sister to Earwig, Silverridge V Munition Evalyn VG86-2YR. Evalyn is +2549Pro$ +3217LPI and +9 Conformation. She is also owned by Silverridge Farms, ON.

Rounding out the top three Pro$ Cows in Canada is Gillette Epic Jingle VG87-2YR at +2522Pro$ +3178LPI +9 Conformation. Jingle is an Epic from a VG88-17* Shottle followed by an EX-16* Durham. She is owned by 21st Century Genetics, PEI.

View the CDN’s Top Pro$ Holstein Cows List here