CDN Publishes Top Ranking Holstein LPI Sires for August 2016

The top ranking Holstein LPI sires in Canada for August 2016 have been released by the CDN. Topping the list at +3173LPI is Mapel Wood Brewmaster, who also is +2342Pro$ and +9 Conformation. Brewmaster is owned by Select Sires Genervations, AB.Ranking second on the top LPI list is Mountfield SSI DCY Mogul, coming at at +3163LPI and +2233Pro$ and +13 conformation. Mogul is owned by Select Sires, OH.

Rounding out the top three LPI sires in Canada is AJDH AltaAgency at +3140LPI +2229Pro$ and +10 conformation. AltaAgency is owned by Alta Genetics, AB.

View the CDN’s Top LPI Holstein List here