August 2019 – Top 100 International TPI Bulls

The August 2019 – Top 100 International TPI Bulls list has been released with several newcomers making the Top 10! These bulls have a Reliability of at least 80% traditional OR 85% genomic for production and Reliability of at least 80% for type in one of the countries included in MACE evaluations.

1. AOT Silver Helix-ET — 14HO07770 — Silver x Cookiecutter Ssire Has-ET (VG-88 DOM). Now at +2811G, Helix jumps an impressive 16 spots from the April run to rank #1.

2. S-S-I Montross Duke-ET — 250HO13267 — Montross x VG-85 DOM Supersire x GP-80 DOM Snowman x Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET (VG-86 DOM). Duke jumps 5 spots to #2 and is +2758G.

3. EDG Rubicon-ET — 151HO00681 — Mogul x EX-90 Robust x VG-87 Planet. Rubicon stays at the #3 spot and is +2755G.

4. Melarry Josuper Frazzled — 7HO12788 — Josuper x EX-90 Shotglass x VG-85 DOM Robust. Making his debut on the Proven List is Frazzled at #4. He is +2731G and has the lowest SCS (2.46) and is#3 for PL (+7.9) in the Top 100.

5. ABS Rowdy-ET — 29HO17947 — Josuper x VG-87 DOM Mogul x VG-85 Karsten. Dropping 3 spots to #5, Rowdy is +2730G.

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