April 2019 – Milking Shorthorn Canada Proofs

April 2019 – Milking Shorthorn Canada Proofs

“Premium” Attracts Attention in the Milking Shorthorn Breed

With no change in rankings among the Top 5 LPI sires, attention this April focuses on Springville Logic Premium ET (Logic x Othello), who receives his first progeny proof in Canada and makes his debut at #7 LPI. The five breed leaders for LPI remain the same including Treeton Pingerly (#1 for LPI, Milk, Protein and Conformation, tied #5 Fat), B Jurist (#3 Milk, #2 for Fat and Protein), Lady Grove Conrad (#4 Fat, tied #5 Protein), Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace-ET (#3 Fat, tied #5 Protein) and Oceanbrae Ironman-P ET.

For cows, once again Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET holds on as #1 for LPI, Fat and Protein. Angel is now followed by Lady Grove BJ Charm at #2 LPI (tied #4 Fat), who remains ahead of her dam, Lands-Brook Chardonnay-ET-EXP in #3 LPI spot (tied #1 Conformation). The Top 5 LPI list is completed by two Pingerly daughters, namely Lady Grove TP Courtney at #4 LPI (granddaughter of Chardonnay) and Lady Grove TP Lady Nancy 8 in #5 LPI position (#4 Protein). The highest newly indexed cow this round is Prinsville Bolero Fiona at #44 LPI, who is a daughter of Rovin Bolero EXP out of Prinsville TP Fiona, by Pingerly.

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