Updates for Legends of the Fall Sale

Legends of the Fall Sale
Thursday, October 25, 2012 • 11:00 A.M. • Avon, NY
Sale updates and sale order & more sale information

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UPDATES ~ Legends of the Fall Sale
Thursday, October 25, 2012 • 11:00 A.M. • Avon, NY

The Legends Sale has traditionally been a great sale to buy in! There have been some huge returns on investment in this sale! Two prime examples are Coyne-Farms Freddi Jeven who probably returned about 10 times her purchase price and a Shamrock pick of flush from Jeven with a similar massive return with an approximate 15 time return!!!

To leave bids contact any member of the sale force, including Ray LeBlanc 802-249-2155, who was accidentally omitted from the sales force in the catalog:

Jeff Butler, 217/341-2437 • Ed Fellers, 913/484-4121 • Tim Rauen, 563/590-7871 • Chris Hill, 202/255-7907, Lloyd Simon, 715/803-5696 • Rick VerBeek, 614/580-8662 • Micheal Heath, 443/375-8048 • Brian Craswell, 902/628-7537
Yonn Bossel, 613/913-5534 • Paul Trapp, 608/332-0079 • Dan Doner, 905/259-4142 • Pat Conroy, 260/402-4494, Greg Coyne, 585/202-1327 • Brian Coyne, 585/202-1190

Lot 1 Big & Fancy and tons of rib. -A, BT, L, BVD. +2506 GTPI, +4.11T! Sells with 2 Semex Contracts.

Lot 2 Beautiful Heifer with +2526 GTPI & huge milk for an Uno! +2112M, +94F, +69P, +3.37T. An Outcross Uno!! Sells with 2 Semex Contracts. -BVD, A, L, BT

Lot 3 OUT
Lot 4 OUT

Lot 5 Big, extra fancy, +2546 GTPI Cameron. Breeds #1 GTPI Cameron, Breeds #1 Protein Cameron and Extreme for Milk as well +2202M, +81F, +70P, 3.69T! Dam should get more points. Sells with 1 Semex Contract. -BVD, A, L, BT

Lot 6 *RC Uno with 2398 GTPI & 3.73T! An incredible *RC show heifer from 7 EX Dams! Big time contract genomics on both sides of the border. Unlimited Opportunities. Maternal Sister to the Hot *RC Observer Destind!! Sells with 2 Semex Contract. -BVD, A, L, BT

Lot 7 Lovely, Early Red Polled Colt P from the Apples and she is ready to flush with World Wide Marketing Opportunities! 7 Excellent dams!! -BVD, A, L, BT

Lot 8 Outstanding *RC Super Due 4-22-13 to McCutchen with an exceptional rump & perfect udder promise. Sells with a $12,000 Accelerated AI Contract! Her first flush sold for $18,000. -L & was not tested for BT, A or BVD. 7 Excellent Apple dams!! At $12,000 or more buyer gets 4#1 O-COSMOPOLITAN-ET (Planet x Cosmopolitan)(+2358 GTPI)embryos. He is from Europe and there is not much semen in USA.

Lot 9 1st Choice Shot Glass from Robust Ruby Due 4-18-13. Built in PA +2462 GTPI.

Lot 10 1st Choice Cashmoney from 5 Transfers Due 7-9-13 & next IVF Flush Due 8-5-13. Builtin PA +2433 GTPI! Dam is breeds #1 GTPI and Protein Man-O-Man!

Lot 11 Change in Sire, 2nd Choice of 5 Lithium Females Due 4-24-13! Built in PA +2462! Should be a couple of +2500 GTPI Females.

Lot 12 1st Choice Massey from 4 Pregs. Due 6-12-13. Built in PA +2389 GTPI! From the Outside Dabble Family!!

Lot 13 Maternal Brother at Select over 2500 GTPI! High type, outcross Epic +3.58T, +18C. Sells with 1 Semex Contract. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 14 2 Maternal brothers over 2500 GTPI. Donor with 6 Embryos transferred. 7 A.I. Contracts and a 5 Embryo contract to Gen Elite at $1600/Embryo. Ravish Jodie is *TV. Sells with 1 Semex Contract. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 15 1st Choice Mascalese from 13 transfers! 7 Due 7-9-13 & 6 Due 7-23-13. Chassity’s oldest daughter (dam of Cameron) now EX-92 with 2nd calf and 92-MS and making 45,000M!

Lot 16 A/B 9 Doorman Pregs. from Goldwyn Cash’s Robust daughter. Built in PA +2392.

Lot 17 1st Choice Massey Female from Snowman Lorette, 100% Proven sire stack! 6 Pregs. Due 6-12-13. Huge money maker!

Lot 18 1st Choice Sajak from 7 transfers due 6-26-13. Snowman X Planet X Lila Z’s!

Lot 19 VG-88 EX-MS Planet Due 5-14-13 to Earnhardt P with an Ultrasound Female. -A, BVD, BT, +L. This is a potential 92pt. Cow with another calving! 305d ME 34,238M1188F. Milking 73lbs. 3.4%F 3.4%P SCC 14

Lot 19A Package of 15 Embryos from this great Planet!!!

Lot 20 The fitters choice! Nathan Thomas thinks she has the potential to be a 94pt. cow with maturity. This great young Alexander is from Bikasa then Barbie! Due 5-5-13 to Gold Chip! -A, BVD, BT, +L. 305d ME 32,653M 1265F. Milking 49lbs. 4.1%F 3.4%P SCC 17

Lot 20A Three Mascalese Embryos with Accelerated AI Contract from this great young Alexander.

Lot 21 VG Alexander from Wabash-Way Emilyann! -A, BVD, BT, L. Conventional Flush to Supersire on 10-4-12: 2 #1 & 9 #2. Great Flush Cow, she has made 55 Embryos in 3 flushes! 305D ME 27,410M 1102F. Milking 71lbs. 4.2%F 3.5%P SCC 76

Lot 22A 2 IVF Female Embryos by Lithium & 4 IVF Female Embryos by Latimer
Lot 22B 9 #2 Conventional Supersire Embryos
Lot 23A 1st Choice from 3 Females: A: Butlerview Epic Pasen-ET: +2375 GTPI, 830NM, 1605M, +.03, 65F, +.03, 56P, 7.0PL, 2.1DPR, 2.66SCS, 1.92T, 1.94UDC, 2.04FLC. -BT, A, BVD, L. She is *TY!! Outcross maternal line! VG-87-2Y Massey X EX-91 Ramos!
B. Butlerview Epic Player-ET: +2132 GTPI, *BY
C. Butlerview Epic Pandora-ET: +2273 GTPI, 729NM, 1277M, 60F, 48P, +.05%F,+.03%P, 5.9PL, 2.5DPR, 2.72SCS, 1.81T, 1.22UDC, 2.27FLC. *BY, -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 24 Sells Absentee, a very nice calf per Frank Regan, buyer satisfaction guaranteed. +2392

GTPI & 3065 DGV. The Barbies! Dam: 3-09 2x 365d 34,781 3.9% 1109F 3.4% 1183P. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 25 VG-89-3Y EX-MS Destry. Milking 87lbs./day -A, BT, BVD pending, +L

Lot 26 Super fancy Supersonic from Atwood Desire. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 27 +2421 GTPI Alchemy from Man-O-Man Missy! 838$NM! This heifer is tall, long and knock out fancy. -BT, A, BVD, L. Big Time Money Maker! Sells with 1 Semex Contract

Lot 28 +2228 GLPI, +3.06T Gold Chip from the Missy family. An absolutely awesome show heifer born 3-2012

Lot 29 Early high protein and high type Uno. +68P!! +2.97T!! Big, long, stretchy Uno with a hard top and a great rump. International Market Opportunities!

Lot 30 +2401 GTPI, +4.0T Jives daughter with Select Sires contract Interest! Sells with 1 Semex Contract. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 31 -BT, A, BVD, L, +2495 Early Boy-O-Boy. The #1 Boy-O-Boy in the Breed!! A Beautiful heifer that is very correct and stylish.

Lot 32 +2380 GTPI Super Large with Select Sires Contract Interest. Big, long and extra fancy, great rump!! Sells with 1 Semex Contract. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 33 +2359 GTPI Shamrock that is absolutely outstanding. Sells absentee, buyer satisfaction guaranteed. -BT, A, BVD, L. Same Family as Marbri Uno Beauty +2602GTPI, 1011$NM, Breeds #4 NM & #13 GTPI Female. This Shamrock could make the next Big One!

Lot 34 -BT, A, BVD pending, +L. +2356 GTPI Gonzo (#3 in the breed). Outcross pedigree with contract interest. Sells with 1 Semex Contract

Lot 35 +2388 GTPI, +3195 DGV Mogul! Big long and fancy with no Shottle, Goldwyn or Planet. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 36 +2349 GTPI, +3.63T, +47P Gold Chip. Black & Stylish with a razor cut! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 37 Super Fancy Cameron with 2368 GTPI and great health traits! Sells with 1 Semex Contract

Lot 38 Unique Sire Stack with high protein & high DGV! +61P & 2298 GTPI, +3189 DGV! An early daughter of Man-O-Man Lacy, this heifer will make money! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 39 1st Choice Atwood X Hezbollah, what a mating! Full age Sept. Show Calves for 2013!

Lot 40 June 8, 2012 Full Age Atwood Show Calf X EX-95 EEEEE Dundee Jenna! Big, long, hard top with a super rump! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 41 1st Choice Lithium from 8 Female Pregs.!!! 2 Due 3-9-13 & 6 Due 5-14-13. Seller guarantees a TV Female. Built in PA +2323.

Lot 42 1st Choice Female from 3 Let it Snow pregs. & 5 Let it Snow transfers Due 6-2013. Maternal Sisters to Bewildered +2329 GTPI, 4.13T, +4.07UDC.

Lot 43 +2305 GTPI, +53P, +6.1PL, +1.1DPR Uno from Brocades Planet Daughter! She is a Beauty! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 44 Big, Strong +2210 GTPI, 3.62T, 3.35UDC Epic with Extreme length and size and along, wide rump. Dam is Brocade, a third generation EX-92 Barbie. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 45 OUT

Lot 46 1st Choice Cashmoney from 8 total transfers, built in PA +2396. The earliest Cashmoney’s in the World!

Lot 47 +2325 GTPI Epic with 3.85T! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 48 +2184 GTPI Highway from Boyana! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 49 +2293 GTPI Uno, 3.69T, 3.06UDC!! Tall, long & fancy! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 50 +2257 GTPI Epic with 3.52T in US & +19C in Canada!! Extra, Extra Fancy and from the highest genomic branch of the Adeens!! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 51 Fancy, uphill, super rumped Explode daughter from Planet Moviestar! +2202 GTPI & 3.62T! Moviestar is Fresh and should be about VG-86-2Y & 87-88-MS. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 52 Uphill and Fancy! Epic daughter with +2206 GTPI. -BT, A, BVD, L.

Lot 53 +2195 GTPI, 6.0PL, 2.85T, Gold Chip X Jeven. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 54 +2199 GTPI, 739$NM, +6.3PL Speech X Jeven. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 55 Big, long & fancy, early Sudan from a Freddie & then Ariel! -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 56 Huge Gold Chip from Aubry. Aubry is just fresh and looks awesome. Should max out at EX-92 with 2nd calf. -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 57 Change from catalog: Selling 2nd Choice of 10 Epic Females from EX-92 EEEEE All-American & All-Canadian Snow Velvet. Imagine 9 Females from Velvet to select from and they are fancy!!!

Lot 58 Lovely Goldwyn just fresh at 3Y, she should go VG-87 or VG-88 with 5 Excellent dams! Milking 61lbs./day last test

Lot 59 Potential homerun purchase. Package of 3 IVF Female pregs. from Brasilia X Atwood. They are ¾ Maternal Sisters to Gold Barbara; 1st Sr. 2-Year-Old & Res. Int. Champion World Dairy Expo 2012!! Buyer will owe Trans-Ova the balance due of $2,000 per live calf at possession.

Lot 60/61 2 Big, beautiful Gillette Jordans from Brasilia’s Sanchez daughter! Both are -BT, A, BVD, L

Lot 62 +2183 GTPI Bowser, +3.0T, +3.25UDC, +2.97FLC and due 2-13-13 to Lithium! -L, and not tested for BVD, A or BT.

Lot 63 OUT

Sale Order

* = Sells Absentee