Unique Valleystream Genetics joins Cowsmo's Breeder Tour!

Unique Valleystream Genetics Recognized for their Great Achievements

The last year has proven to be one of great achievements for Unique’s herd! They are thrilled to receive these awards in the mail last week:

  • 3 All-Time Class Leaders
  • 5 Double Hall of Fame Winners
  • 11 Single Hall of Fame Winners
  • 9 Canadian Class Leaders

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Read about Unique “If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards!” from our 2019 Fall issue


August 25, 2020: Unique has updated their Facebook page with an exciting video showcasing their incredible offer for the Gone Global sale selling as Lot 50! 

July 13, 2020: Unique once again had a tremendous classification round with classifier Paul Tree. A major highlight included FDL Colton Winter going EX-94 on her 3rd calf!

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Classification Highlights

  • 9 GP 84 2 year olds!
  • 25 GP 82-83 2 year olds! (As Lee says “best replacements to have”)

VG 2-year-olds

  • VIP Jury VG 87
  • Applejack humour VG 86
  • Roman Winter VG 86
  • Applejack fireproof VG 86
  • Willow Warrior VG 85
  • Rufus Hipster VG 85
  • Matt Firecracker VG 85
  • Blitz Eggy VG 85
  • Viceroy Jamie VG 85 owned with JF Cattle
  • Mattador Amen VG 85
  • Harris Vizorey VG 85
  • Valergo Bibi VG 85

2nd Calver

  • Unique Tequila Helix VG 88

New Excellents

  • Keupers Premier Dee 10 Ex 90
  • Unique Scout Justice Ex 92 owned with JF cattle
  • Redhot Matt Tesla Ex 92 (fresh a month, milking 55L at a 6.9% fat)

June 13, 2020: Unique would like to introduce FDL COLTON WINTER VG 89 (max), a 4-year-old for 2020! They had plans to introduce her to the world this year but with ongoing cancellations, that chance is growing dim. Along with Michael Haeni, they have put together a fantastic video putting “Winter” in the limelight! 


  • 4 yr old for 2020!
  • On her 3rd calf now, She sits and patiently waits for the classifier!
  • Winter’s projected record:
    4-1 98 10102 484 4.79 363 3.59(300 266 284)(Proj) (KGs)

April 23, 2020: Are you just starting in the Jersey Breed or own less than 10 Jerseys? Than Unique has the embryo package just for you! Head over to their Facebook page to see this really great embryo incentive they have going on right now!

April 13, 2020: The world might be at a stand still right now but things are happening at Unique! They have updated their Facebook page with lots of exciting prospects!

February 6, 2020: “A great beginning of the new decade,” for Unique Valleystream Genetics with their newest EX-95, Arethusa Vaudeville Excitement!

December 26, 2019: Unique Valleystream Genetics has announced an exportable Embryo Giveaway! More details on this ‘unique’ opportunity can be found on their Facebook page!

October 25, 2019: Unique Valleystream Genetics has updated their Facebook page with some of their recent professional photos and highlight results from their time at the World Dairy Expo.

September 26, 2019: Unique Valleystream Genetics is World Dairy Expo bound! Unique has updated their Facebook page with photos of some of the exciting ladies that are making the trip. Make sure to stop by the Western Canada string while attending WDE!

June 4, 2019: Unique Valleystream Genetics has updated their Facebook page with photos from their recent round of headshots!

May 23, 2019: Congratulations to Unique Valleystream Genetics & Hillpoint Partners, WI on achieving the youngest Excellent in Canada amongst all the breeds! Unique HP Embellish scored EX-90 at just 12 days fresh! She was freshened at the age of 1-6 and had been bred back at 50 days in milk each lactation. Congratulations on this huge achievement!

April 29, 2019: Unique Valleystream Genetics has updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting the 2019 Jersey Canada AGM!Unique Valleystream Genetics has updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting the 2019 Jersey Canada AGM!

February 15, 2018: Unique Valleystream Genetics has updated their Facebook page. They will be showcasing their farm for the Jersey Canada AGM in Westlock, AB.

June 7, 2018: Unique Valleystream Genetics joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour! Unique is located about 90 minutes north of Edmonton, AB, in the hamlet of Rochester. The farm was started 27 years ago by Dave & Tracy Morey, who now operate the farm with their 2 children, Casey and Lee.

300 purebred Jerseys are milked at Unique, as well as purebred Holsteins and Brown Swiss. On average they also run approximately 300 head of young stock and raise breeding bulls for sale and their own use. Balanced cows in both type and production are the goal of the breeding program at the farm, ensuring that they have the most efficient cow without sacrificing longevity. Generally strong uddered bulls are selected with CFP’s of over 100kgs and strong health traits. A wide variety of sires have been used at Unique with names such as Chrome, Rufus, Matt, Joyride, Disco, Viceroy, Chive and Viral currently in the tank.


Avonlea Mischief’s Magnolia EX-92 4E

Some notable cow family the Moreys have worked with are:

* Avonlea Mischief’s Magnolia SUP EX-92-4E (2016 Canadian Cow of the Year)
An 11 Star Brood Cow, Magnolia has a notable amount of Show Ring accomplishments including Intermediate Champion at the Royal Winter Fair in 2006 as a Milking Yearling. Currently they have a significant number of Magnolia daughters and granddaugthers making a large impact in their herd including Redhot Matt Tesla, the #1 Confirmation Cow in Canada.

*Valleystream Remake Honey EX-92, 2011 Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee, is another notable cow family that they are continuing to work with. Honey came to the Moreys when they purchased the complete Valleystream Herd and moved them West from Ontario. The dam of Unique VS Habit, Honey has had several sons being drawn in Stud, and a grandson currently as Select. Honey now resides in Cross Plains Wisconsin where she is undergoing IVF.

*Par For Belle VG-85, held the top LPI spot in Canada for a record 4.5 years, continues her legacy with numerous influential offspring.

*Select Minister Elisa VG-87, another IVF cow located in Wisconsin, is the next up and coming cow family. With a large number of daughters on the ground so far, Elisa is proving to be a cow that has strong family genetics. With 5 of those daughters milking so far, the Moreys are excited to see how this cow family continues to develop in the future.

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