The Hartford Genomic Extravaganza averages $4246

The Hartford Genomic Extravaganza Sale, managed by Courtney Sales, was held on November 12 in Hutchinson, MN. The sale averaged $4246 on 60 head. Hartford owner, Bob Eustice opened the sale with a word of thanks to his family and then thanked his partner in Sully Hart Holsteins, Mike Sullivan and family. A list of top sellers follows:

Lot 1: $12,000 Sully Hart Kramer 169-ET, Oct ’11 Kramer x Sully Planet Manitoba with a GTPI of +2303, buyer: Oakfield Corners Dairy, NY

Lot 2: $30,000 First choice Man-O-Shan x Sully Planet Manitoba from the famous Sully Shottle May, buyer: Morsan Farms, AB

Lot 3: $4,500 Sully Hartford Clark 277-ET GTPI +2275, May ’11 Clark x Planet Manitoba, sold bred in October to Lithium

Lot 5: $10,000 Sullhrtford Sudan 327-ET GTPI +2225, Feb ’12 Sudan x Sully Hart Karsten x Sully Shottle May-TW

Lot 11: $26,000 1st choice De-Su Alta Jackman from Sully Hart Domain 133-ET GTPI +2369, buyer: Stanton Bros, ON

Lot 19: $13,500 S-S-I Kramer Mitzy 7709-ET GTPI +2333, Kramer x Roylane Shot Mindy 2079-ET, maternal sister to popular bull Roylane Socra Robust

Lot 19A: $1,150/embryo – Four #1 Genervations Latimer x Mitzy7709-ET

Lot 20; $11,500 Level-Plain Jives Carmi-ET GTPI +2302, Jan ’12 Jeeves Jives x Level-Plain Moman Camill-ET

Lot 21: $14,700 Schmity Shamrock 807-ET, Shamrock daughter with a GTPI of +2350 and one of only three heifers in the breed that is +2400M, +3.00T and +0.00DPR dam: Schmity Bojangles Nappy VG-85

Lot 23: $6,500 Speek-NJ Colt Danica Rae-ET, Colt-P x Scientific Deluxe Rae-ETS EX-91

Lot 24: $6,500 Speek-NJ Colt-P 320-Red-ET, Colt P x Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET EX-90

Lot 26: $6,500 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 362-ET*RC GTPI +2221, Numero Uno x Scientific Gold Demi Rae-ET EX-90

Lot 27: $6,700 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 363-ET*RC GTPI +2346, Numero Uno x Scientific Gold Demi Rae

Lot 29: $5,000 Speek-NJ Numero Uno 360-ET GTPI +2317

Lot 48: $6,500 Zahbulls Airnt Collision-ET GTPI +2241, Air-Osa-Exel AltaAirnet-ET x Zahbulls Super Cloudy GP-83 x Sapa-Ska Toystory Courtney EX-92

Lot 49: $5,000 Gnat-Hill Robust Andrea-ET GTPI +2247 x Weaverstyle Gldwyn Marji-ET VG-87

Lot 50: $21,000 Dymentholm Sunview Shar-ET GTPI +2259, April ’12 Epic x Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk VG-87

Lot 51: $9,200 Welcome Snowman Petula-ET GTPI +2228, sold with Semex bull contract, Snowman x Welcome Baxter Petunia VG-87