ST Acquires Shares in Inseme

Global livestock reproductive services innovator Sexing Technologies (ST) is growing its operations in Europe by acquiring shares in Italian A.I. company Inseme.

The move allows ST to incorporate genetic advancement lessons learned through its cutting-edge research into Inseme’s robust breeding program. The acquisition will also increase the number of A2A2 positive sires available to ST.

Inseme, one of the two largest A.I. companies in Italy, currently markets semen under the Semenitaly and Inseme brand names. Customers will notice little change in the way Inseme conducts business other than the company will begin offering ST’s signature product, SexedULTRATM sex-sorted semen. SexedULTRATM boasts conception rates rivaling conventional semen.

Inseme will continue to source its bulls from Italy, focusing on animals with excellent conformation and outstanding production traits that influence cheese yield, milk quality and productivity.