Spain Master Breeder Herd Mantoño Holstein's Classification Highlights

Spain Master Breeder Herd Mantoño Holstein’s Classification Highlights

Classification results hailing from Spain! 2x Master Breeder herd, Mantoño Holstein had a tremendous classification round last week with 10 new Excellent cows, it was a new record for Mantoño!  With more than 80 EX cows over the years, their herd classification currently boasts 44EX 45VG!

Classification Highlights

Mantoño Sid Exceptional VG87 (2yr)
Mantoño Beemer Dalashi VG88 (2yr)
Mantoño Beemer Ghalia VG88 (2yr)
Mantoño Fitz Victory VG88 (2yr)
Mantoño Sid Laurella VG88 (3yr)
Mantoño Diamondback Rosina VG89 (2yr)
Mantoño Atwood Daría VG89 (3yr) 
Mantoño Damion Freda VG89 (3yr)

New Excellents 
Mantoño Doorman Galia EX91
Mantoño Awesome Claudine EX91
Mantoño Atwood Dumbria EX91
Mantoño Destry Raeta EX90
Mantoño Defiant Reme EX90
Mantoño Brokaw Daysina EX90
Mantoño Doorman Durina EX90
Mantoño Brady Renise EX90
Mantoño Cashmoney Hildara EX90
Mantoño Doorman Gaolena EX90


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