Exciting new additions to the Siemer Holsteins webpage

Siemer Holsteins has updated their webpage with their latest genomic offerings, as well as an exciting new addition to their show cow page with Strans-Jen-D-Tequila-Red EX-96, embryo inquiries welcomed! 

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December 26, 2019: Siemer Holsteins has updated their webpage with new genomic information and show results.

November 26, 2019: The 2-year-olds at Siemers Holsteins shined at their recent classification! They have updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting the cows behind these exciting scores!

VG-87 2-year-olds (4)

  • BYWAY BOMBI-HOP (Byway x “Bombis”)
  • GRANIT HANKERINA-ET 2533G (Granite x “Hankers”)
  • JCBY APPLE 27661-ET *RC (Jacoby x Apple-Star)
    Sister to bulls Apple-Crisp *RC, Army *RC, & Overwing *RC
  • LMDA PARIS 27856-ET 2757G (Lambda x “Paris'”)
    High Renegade son headed to Select Sires Inc.

Notable VG-86 2-year-olds (17)

  • SS HANKER 26579-ET (Altasuperstar x Hanker)
  • S-HERO D-ROZ 868-ET 2521G +3T (Superhero x “Rozs”)
  • LDA HANIKA 27912-ET 2637G +3T (Lambda x “Hankers”)
  • LBA HANINA 28047-ET 2635G +3.7T (Lambda x “Hankers”)
    High UDC Challenger son headed to Semex
  • KR ROZ 28007-ET 2496G +3T (King Royal x “Rozs”)
  • KING-R ROZ 27659-ET 2568G +3.4T (King Royal x “Rozs”)
  • GRNIT HANKERINA-ET 2467G (Granite x “Hankers”)

Notable VG-85 2-year-olds (28)

  • DOC APPLE 28465 2-01 2417G +3.5T (Doc x “Apple-Stars”)
  • DOC MODEL-ET 2-01 2452G +3.5T (Doc x “Brinleys”)
  • HOTLIN ROZ 27636-ET 2571G +3.2T (Hotline x “Rozs”)
  • KD HANNINA 28100-ET 2-02 2529G +3.5T (Doc x “Hankers”)
  • KGRYL ROZ 28352-ET 2642G (King Royal x “Rozs”)
  • LCN ROZMOO 27460-ET 2731G 3.3T (Lincoln x “Rozs”)


June 21, 2019: Congratulations Janina Siemers on being named Dairywoman of the year! The Siemers website has also been updated with their National Convention Consignments and new genomic information.

April 3, 2019: Siemers Holsteins has updated their website with their outstanding spring classification results!

March 8, 2019: Siemers Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with photos and videos of consignments from the Quest for Success Sale.

February 12, 2019: Siemers Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with their international success at IDW in Australia and a new Siemers release at Semex.

Siemers Rubicon M-Roz-C-ET EX-90 92-MS @3-06

December 7, 2018:  Siemers Holsteins of Newton, WI, recently updated their website with several special consignments selling in the Fun in the Sun – Vegas Style & Music City Celebration II sales!

Home to 2500 Holsteins, the farm has been in the Siemers family since 1890 and currently is being managed by the 5th generation.

The farm focuses on a lot of different things, but their goal simply is: Making Genetics for Cow People. “We believe a combination of all of these things is relevant, but also try and maximize each family to the best of their ability,” commented Jordan Siemers.

Siemers Holsteins