Semex’s Genomax Program Delivers Results

Genetics for Life is about delivering the best possible product to Semex’s clients. Genomax™ sires are just that, being the best of the best with only one in seven bulls that enter a Semex stud qualifying for Genomax status.

Semex’s rigorous selection process used to select the Genomax lineup has resulted in some of the most in-demand progeny proven bulls in the world. These bulls are proof positive that Genomax bulls are the best source to maximize genetic gain and profitability.

These young guns are following in the footsteps of other breed-influencing Genomax graduates including: 0200HO05929 Gen-I-Beq Brawler, 0200HO05588 Comestar Lauthority, 0200HO05575 Gillette Jordan, 0200HO02427 Ardross Sterling *RC, 0200HO02331 Mr Marvelous, 0200HO05630 Comestar Lavanguard and many, many more. Following the December genetic evaluations Semex is pleased to announce two more exciting graduates from the Genomax program to the proven lineup:

• 0200HO00528 Sildahl Jett Air (Baxter x BW Marshall)

o Repromax™, HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease™ sire o High ranking TPI and LPI sire at +2097 GTPI and +2269 GLPI o #1 new release Baxter in Canada and the #1 Baxter on Holstein USA’s high ranking sire report, offering one of the best combinations of PL and SCS available at +5.8 and 2.75 respectively. He’s also the #2 PTAT in the high ranking sire report’s top 50 at +2.79 with +2.21 UDC and +2.62 FLC. In Canada, he debuts with similar results at 2.67 SCS, +113 Herd Life and +13 Conformation making him an extremely popular new release.

• 0200HO03648 Domicole Chelios (Baxter x Goldwyn)

o Repromax and Calving Ease sire o Semex’s #1 PTAT new release and #2 PTAT sire, and Semex’s #1 new release LPI Conf sire at +14 o #11 PTAT & #6 FLC sire in the Top 1500 Sires with daughters at +3.32 and +3.38 o Semex’s best Baxter for Calving Ease at +108 in Canada