Scenery-View Marvel Offers a Great Cross On Doorman Daughters!

Looking for a great cross on your Doorman daughters? The bull you could be looking for is Scenery-View Marvel, a +3.72PTAT +3.34UDC Brokaw son from a VG88-EXMS Bradnick, with 11 generations of VG & EX dams from the Lead Mae family.
Scenery-View Farm
Friendsville, PA

Combining the Best of the Barbie & the Mtoto Elly family’s!

For Semen Contact: John Billing, Allstar Genetics…303.437.5776

Scenery-View Marvel
Scenery-View Marvel
+3.72PTAT  +3.34UDC  +2127GTPI


Dam: Scenery-View Marsha-ET VG88-EXMS

2nd Dam: Scenery-View Martha Mae-ET VG87

3rd Dam: Crockett-Acres T Ellymae-ET VG85
9 more generations of EX & VG dams from the Lead Mae family