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Robella Holsteins is hiring! They are currently seeking a motivated full-time employee, as well as a summer intern!

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Past Update

March 28, 2019: Robella Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with their success at the 2019 BC Spring

Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2nd Aged cow and Reserve Grand Champion. Owned with Benbie Holsteins and Zimmer Holsteins.


  • Robella Sidekick Cocoabean 2nd Sr Calf
  • Rutti Cheif Empress 1st Jr yearling & J.C
    Owned with Benbie & Barrvalley
  • Robella Solomon Mercy 1st Winter yearling & Champion Bred and owned hefier
  • Robella Jasper Morgan 3rd Sr yearling
  • Premier Jr Breeder
  • Robella byway Whiplash 1st Jr 2 owned with Rocky mountain Holsteins
  • Webb view Butterballs McCutchen 2nd 5 yr ( pulled for Grand ) owned with Benbie & Lakefield
  • Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2nd Aged cow and Reserve Grand! Owned with Benbie and Zimmer

March 16 2019: Robella Holsteins is loaded up and making their way west to the BC Spring Show in Chilliwack, BC. Safe Travels!

January 28, 2019: Robella Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with news on their 2018 All-Canadian Nominations.

September 21, 2018: Robella Holsteins, SK, shares some exciting classification results.

Preview Dempsey Royalty EX-94-95MS, owned with J-View , Zimmer & John SunderZimmer (pictured)

Krusader Ava EX-94 95MS, owned Zimmer & BenbieWendon Goldwyn Saviour EX-93, owned with Wendon & Conroy
Westliberty Absolute Red Satin EX-92, owned with Wendon & Lucky hill
Jamevall Haven Sanchez EX-92, owned with Blondin & Crasdale
RockyMountain Braxton Whisper EX-92, owned with Balgonie
Robella Midnight Melody EX-91, owned with Lampada
Robella Combat Cocoa EX-90
Robella Reginald Bacardi EX-90
Robella Windbrook Acura EX-90
Frahill Goldwyn Averlee EX-90
Robella Reginald Breeze EX-91-2E
Kenmar Dempsey Melody EX-91-2E
Robella Lampada jasper Macy EX-91-2E
Robella Re Design May EX-90-2E
Robella Lauthority Cologne EX-90-4E
Robella Guthrie Naughty EX-90-2E
Robella Sanchez Marabella VG-89-3yr
Robella Uno Haiku VG-88-3yr
Robella evolve Pepper VG-88
Robella Reginald Juicebox VG-87-3yr
Robella Sid Belize VG-87-3yr
Robella Goldwyn Acadia VG
Robella Reginald Missme VG

VG 2yr Olds:
Robella917newBalgonie Bookel Janilee VG-89 2nd calf Sr.2 (pictured)
Robella Millennium Emphasis VG-88-2yr
Robella Doorman Eve VG-87-2yr
Robella Doorman Safari VG87-2yr 2nd calf Sr.2
Westcoast Barbwire Aleda VG-87-2y
Robella Doorman Pamela VG-86-2yr
Robella Doorman Rusty VG-85-2yr
Robella Goldwyn Whistler VG-85-2yr
Robella Durbin Melissa VG-85-2yr
Robella Armani Allstar VG-85-2yr
Robella Midnight Madness VG-85-2yr

Robella Millennium Emphasis VG-88-2yr Robella Doorman Eve obella Doorman Eve obella Doorman Eve