Ragnar Holsteins Ends 2019 with Ideal Classification Results

Ragnar Holsteins from Valders, WI had the classifier out before the end of 2019. They finished the year off with some great results!

Classification Highlights

New Excellents

Ragnar Integral Shelby EX-92
Ragnar Delta Flashy EX-92
Ragnar Dempsey Constance EX-91
Ragnar Integral OhComeOn EX
Ragnar Action Bobbi Jo EX
Ragnar Acme Sundae EX


Ragnar-REV Doorman Zanna VG-87
Marsh-Vue Wick DanceOff-ET VG-86
Ragnar Gold Chip Supra VG
Ragnar Doorman Ask Me VG
Ragnar Awesome Secret VG
Ragnar Atlanta-P Salsa VG
Ragnar Brigham Liberty VG
Ragnar Silver Colleen VG


Ragnar Numero Uno Faye VG-86
Ragnar Merjack Cheetah VG-86
Budjon-JK Door Esperanza-ET VG-86

Other Highlights

Ragnar Awesome ChaCha VG-88
Ragnar Integral Cosmo VG-88
Ragnar Atlanta-P Shake VG-88
Ragnar Moregold Carly VG-88
Ragnar Sid Santina VG-88