Quebec Breeders Trip to World Dairy Expo

Watch daily for new videos posted on the Quebec Breeders trip to World Dairy Expo courtesy of Ferme Jacobs

Day 1- Loading up in Quebec see video here

Day 2 & 3- From Quebec to Madison here

Day 4 & 5 – In Madison here

Below is who to watch for at World Dairy Expo

Ferme Jacobs
Jacobs Jasper Abella
Bonaccueil Maya Goldwyn
Jacobs Goldwyn Buckl Up
Jacobs Goldwyn Valana
Jacobs Atwood Melody
Jacobs Goldwyn Ilora
Jacobs Sanchez Blacky
Jacobs Atwood Lily Boy
Jacobs Jordan Babe
Jacobs Goldwyn Bordeau

Ferme Drolie Et Fils
Jacobs Shottle Vice

Ferme Blondin
Polestar Goldwyn Lulabelle
Porpo Goldwyn Barbie
Cam-Ping Goldwyn Mila
Drumlee Mischief Denison
Chylane Jasper Harriet
Blondin Mr Burns Laurence
Roneamar 612 Talent Laura Red

Ferme Yvon Sicard
Blondin Alexander Armada
Roggua Dundee Evelyne
Cobequid Goldwyn Leno
Holywell Atwood Oly
Hawkpond Midnight Maestro (Jersey)

Belfontaine Holsteins
Friesia Goldwyn Laney

Ferme De La Plaine (Ayrshires)
De La Plaine Sting Reality
De La Plaine Capitain Showstars
De La Plaine Reality Bounty
De La Plaine Reality Brownie

Ferme Chaluka 2001 (Aryshire will be tied with Westcoast Holsteins)
Chaluka Nemo Xiolie