New Excellents Emerge at Ayr-Amaze Ayrshire Classication Round

Ayr-Amaze Ayrshires from Johnstown, NY had a recent visit from the classifier and 3 new Excellents emerged!

Classification Highlights

  • Ayr-Amaze TSB Rue – Now MAX Score, EX-91 92MS!
    She was 7th Senior 2-Year-Old at Expo last year; watch for her make her debut at the Big E next week!
  • Ayr-Amaze LL Renza EX-90
    She is a flashy Junior 3-Year-Old also making her debut at the Big E!
    She is a granddaughter of the one and only Kler-Vu Ramius Kendallynds EX-94 2E!
  • Ayr-Amaze Burdette Adabel EX-90
    She is a daughter of Kendallynds and the excitement is building to get her calved in again!