Great results at Musqie Valley Farms recent classifiction

Musqie Valley Farms is overjoyed after their recent visit with the classifier! New Herd stats are 14 EX (11 being ME), 35 VG, 10 GP  with the average herd score being 86.85!

Visit their Breeder Tour page. 

Classification Highlights

Holstein- 1st lactation

  • Dillman Megawatt Pudding GP-83
  • Dillman Solomon Ryleigh VG-85

Jersey- 1st lactation

  • Musqie Joel Madia VG-85
  • Musqie Matt Makala GP-84
  • Musqie Matt Maggie GP-82
  • Musqie Premier Mango VG-85
  • Musqie Joel Villetta VG-87

Holstein-2nd lactation

  • Dillman Magnificent Payzant now VG-87

Jersey- 2nd lactation

  • Musqie Madison Hangover now VG-87
  • Avonlea Colton Aphrodite now VG-88

Ayrshire- 2nd lactation

  • Musqie Prime Chik Flik now VG-88

Holstein-3rd lactation

  • Dillman Senate Rosa now VG-85
  • Dillman Jessic Amelia now EX-92
  • Dillman Fever Sperenza now VG-88

Holstein-4th lactation

  • Dillman CQ Sexy Sid now EX-91-2E



April 26, 2019: It’s National Convention week and the doors are open at Musqie Valley Farms for visitors! They are only 35 minutes from the Halifax airport and about 3 hours from Charlottetown, PEI. Reg will be around the farm if your wanting to stop in, or Briana will be around the sale/show grounds all week!

April 1, 2019: Congratulations to Musqie Valley Farms on being the #1 Jersey Herd in Atlantic Canada in 2018! What a huge achievement!

March 3, 2019: Musqie Valley Farms has updated their Facebook page. “If your looking…. We may have something! Milk, pedigrees, show calves/heifers, embryos available!”

February 7, 2019: Musqie Valley Farms has updated their Facebook page with the arrival of ‘Gabbana,’ a calf out of 2013 RAWF Junior Champion, Lookout Glow in the Dark VG-88.

1st Lactation Holstein

  • Dillman Solomon Agnes VG-85
  • Cobequid Dill Armani Seattle GP-83
  • Idee Latitude GP-81 -Owned by James Rhynes & Kent Weeks


  • TJL Lemonhead Cyan VG-85
  • Enniskillen Colton Mayberry VG-85
  • Musqie Madison Hangover GP-80

2nd Lactation Holstein

  • Dillman GC Famous Last Words now VG-89 (Max)

 Brown Swiss

  • Brown Heaven Fab Luckyluke now VG-87


  • Musqie Prime Chik Flik now VG-87

3rd Lactation

  • Dillman Jessic Amelia now EX-90

4+ Lactations: ME

  • Dillman Shotgun Ripper now EX-90-3E
  • Dillman Shotgun Ritz now EX-90-3E
  • Musqie Grandious Moya now EX-91-3E
  • Musqie Sultan Myra now EX-92-5E
  • Musqie Iatola Vixx now EX-90-3E

**Current Herd Stats**
14 EX (10 ME), 32 VG, 10 GP

January 14, 2019: Musqie Valley Farms has updated their Facebook page with a birthday tribute to Musqie Willy Flake EX-90-4E, more commonly known as “Peppi” who turned 19!

“A Colorful Collection of The Canadian Kind!”

Holsteins, Jerseys, Ayrshires & Brown Swiss – SEXED/EXPORTABLE Embryos Available! – Visitors Always Welcome!