Lu caps her career with EX-97

Earning the classification score of EX-97 is an accomplishment that less than 50 cows in North America have achieved. Joining this elite list is All-American and All-Canadian Liddleholme Resur Lu-ET RC B/R, owned by Anthony Liddle, Argyle, NY. 

Earning the admiration of dairy enthusiasts for her massive width, strength and mammary system, Lu scored was put up for EX-97 in early January and was rechecked this last week. “Cows have to be just about perfect to go 97,” said Anthony, “we thought she deserved it, but you just never know.” And Lu is just about perfect – earning 50 on the linear scale for Strength, Body Depth, Dairy Form, Thurl Width, Fore Udder and Udder Height. Her breakdown finished at 95 – 96 – 98 – 96 – 98. 

“Lu has always been a special cow for us,” noted Anthony. “And she has done so much for us over the last few years.” 

Lu’s dam, Brigeen-HH Sept St Lulu-Red (EX-91 2E EX-MS) was the first cow Anthony ever purchased, bought in July 2006 at the last sale held at Hanover Hill. “The border was closed at the time, but Lu’s dam was already in NY, so we had the chance to purchase her.” Lulu was just a summer yearling at the time but had a tremendous pedigree – potential 6thgeneration Excellent from EX-96 Tora Triple Threat Lulu. Anthony flushed Lulu as a heifer and 2yr Old, resulting in embryos by Advent & Resurrect.

The Liddle family had a sale in May 2008, where Lulu was sold. “Luckily Lu was an embryo at the time, or else she would have been sold too!” Anthony remarked. Lu was born the following December but didn’t show up on the radar till she had calved in the second time. “She was always really immature in her frame,” commented Anthony, “and she didn’t score Excellent till she was a 5yr Old. It’s crazy how much she has changed over the last 5 years.” 

Lu through the years … while growing and developing into the EX-97 cow she is, the same width and strength have been there since the beginning!

“She was nuts as a 4 yr Old,” Anthony said, “so we didn’t even show her that year.” Her first show was the county fair as a 5yr Old. In just 4 short years, Lu has built her showing resume quickly. In 2015, she was 1stAged Cow, Reserve Senior & HM Grand Champion at NY State Fair. The following year, she was again 1stAged Cow and named Reserve Grand at NY State Fair. 

Lu’s temperament has always left a little to be desired, and they finally put a bull ring in her nose when she was put up for EX-95 in 2016. “I still have to use the ring every time I show her,” Anthony joked, “she’ll put her head down and take you 10 feet if you aren’t paying attention!” Lu’s disposition is much the same at home. “She doesn’t like to be messed with,” Anthony commented. “She lives in a tie-stall with all the other cows and just does her own thing.” 

2017 was another solid year on the tanbark – again earning Reserve Grand Champion at NY State Fair and Reserve Bred & Owned Champion and HM Senior Champion at the Northeast Fall National Holstein Show. The following week she was Grand and Supreme Champion in Harrisburg at the All-American Dairy Show. She was nominated All-American Aged Cow in recognition of a solid year. 

Lu classified EX-96 3E one year ago today – and was once again named HM Senior and HM Grand Champion at the 2018 Big E and added Champion Bred & Owned to her wins. She made the trip to World Dairy Expo, and beat out Canadian favorite, Loyalyn Goldwyn June. Five weeks later, she would repeat at the Royal Winter Fair and also earn HM Grand Champion honors. To cap off 2018, she was recently named All-American and All-Canadian Production Cow. 

Today, Lu is enjoying some downtime, and will be flushed this year. “Out of 7 calves, she’s only had one natural heifer, so we’re hoping for some more this year!” joked Anthony. She has heifers by Gold Chip, Diamondback and Doorman and a R&W Army son. 

“We were pumped when Lu went 95, and everything since then has just been awesome,” said Anthony. When asked about a return to the showring, “You always remember their last show, and hers was a pretty great way to end her career,” said Anthony. 

Lu will certainly be remembered for her ring presence, outstanding dairy strength, and so much more by all those who have worked with her and admired her from the sidelines. Congrats to the entire Liddle family on this outstanding achievement! 

“You always remember their last show, and hers was a pretty great way to end her career.”