“Lewis” and Daughter “Lana” Continue to Lead for LPI in Guernsey

With no new entrants among the highest ranking bulls and cows, and only minor re-ranking for breed leaders, status quo is the theme for this round in the Guernsey breed.

For sires, Trotacre Enhancer Lewis ET still dominates at #1 for LPI, Milk and Protein while Pine Ridge Double L-ET, Idle Gold E Challenge and Golden J Les George take the next three LPI spots, in that order. Flambeau Manor Tiller Les-ET climbs up a few positions to complete the Top 5 LPI list from #9 last round. The well-known daughter of Lewis, namely Glen Haven Lewis Lana holds on as #1 LPI (#6 Milk, #5 Fat, #2 Protein) with Lindrian Polite (#1 Milk, #2 Fat, #1 Protein) and Eby Manor D L Indy (#4 Fat) also staying firm at #2 and #3 LPI, respectively. Swapping places, Maplehurst Aarons Bianca now takes #4 LPI and Glen Haven Double Bubble lands at #5 LPI. The highest newly indexed cow this round, at #49 LPI, is Comfort Farms Shayla (Double L x Garrett).