Langer Dairy Farms Classification Highlights

Langer Dairy Farms in Wisconsin decided if you “can’t show them, might as well score them!” Trying to make the best out of a challenging time the classifier came by and they had some great results!

Classification Highlights

  • Hardwood Atwood Botelli now EX 94, 95 MS
  • Oeh-My Atwood Veida now EX 93
  • Hardwood McCutchen McMint now EX 92
  • Langer Bradnick Blaze now EX 92
  • Langer Braxton Naomi now EX 92
  • Langer Dempsey Loretta now EX 90
  • Langer Goldwyn Manhattan now EX 90
  • Ms Dreamer Door Dino now VG 87
  • Guernsey Gem Patriot Kabang now VG 87