Reserve R&W Champion win for Kozak Holsteins

2nd Senior 2-Year-Old, Kozak Aussie Destiny Red

Kozak Holsteins had a great day the 2019 Westerner Championship Holstein Show. Their day included a Reserve R&W Champion win with 2nd Senior 2-Year-Old, Kozak Aussie Destiny Red! They have updated their Facebook page with some of their show highlights!

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Past Updates

September 26, 2019: Kozak Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with the anticipated Debbie family pictures from earlier this summer! This year is the first time they have had 4 generations of a family in the barn, and the cow who started this branch, Wendon Rube Debbie VG-85, will be 10 years old and is still going strong!

September 4, 2019: With their new barn up and running for a year now, Kozak Holsteins took in the opportunity to open it up to the public and provided some summer tours. They have updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting the tours.

August 27, 2019: Kozak Solomon Divine from Kozak Holsteins once again shined in the show ring. She was the 2nd Junior calf at the Western Canadian Classic hosted in Alberta over the weekend.

July 1, 2019: Kozak Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting the success that the ‘Debbie’ family has brought to their farm!

June 26, 2019: Better late than never! Kozak Holsteins saw the classifier back in March and the day ended with some great new scores. Their herd score is now 2ME, 4EX, 40VG, 42GP!

GP 2yr olds
Kozak Roseplex Cupid GP-82
Kozak Daft Punk Hilary-GP-82
Kozak Redstar Brooklyn-GP-82
Kozak Solomon Maisy- GP-83
Kozak Seaver Alla- GP-8
Kozak Exploding Star Roxette PP- GP-83
Kozak Millennium Morgan-GP-83
Kozak Reginald Daisy-GP-83
Lovhill Kian Lipsmacker- GP-83

VG 2yr old
Kozak Seaver Monique-VG-85

VG 2nd lactation cows

Kozak Colt Red Hailey EX-90

Kozak Molson Justine-VG-85
Kozak Windhammer Elyse-VG-85
Kozak Daft Punk Carlene-VG-85
Coytee Delta Vienna-VG-85
Kozak McCutchen Diana-VG-85
Kozak StanleyCup Carolyn-VG-86

VG 3rd+ lactation cows
Kozak Revolution Gypsy Red-VG-88
New Mars Aftershock Joyce- VG-88

New EX cow
Kozak Colt Red Hailey -EX-90

June 24, 2019: Kozak Holsteins recently had a successful day at the Alberta Dairy Congress Show in Leduc, AB. They have updated their Facebook page with photos highlighting their achievements at the show!

Kozak Holsteins had 1st and 2nd place Junior Calves at the 2019 Alberta Dairy Congress Show.

March 1, 2019: Kozak Holsteins invites you to their open house on Thursday, March 14, 2019 from 10am-3pm. Lunch will be provided. Come Tour their new Dairy barn facility at 22171 Twp Rd 492, Camrose County.

January 25, 2019: Kozak Holstein have updated their Facebook page with their first heifer calf & 1st R&W calf of 2019!

January 5, 2019: Kozak Holstein has updated their Facebook page with classification highlights, production awards and 2018 show awards.

Recent Classification results

GP 2yr. olds
Lovhill Kian Lipsmacker GP-82
Kozak Lotus Jodi Red GP-82
Kozak Uno LindaGP-82
Skycrest Millennium Kiss GP-83
Lovhill Artemis Dolittle GP-83
Grossville Beemer Britanny GP-83
Kozak Seaver Samara GP-84
Kozak Millennium Charity GP-84

2nd Plus Lactation cows moved to VG
Kozak L Mystique VG-85 (3rd lact. Lauthority)
Kozak Barclay Loralee VG-85 (3rd lact. by Kozak Fever Barclay)
Kozak Windbrook Ember VG-85 (3rd lact.)
Kozak Dexter Marion VG-87 (3rd. lact.)
Kozak Defiant Beatrix Red VG-87(3rd lact.)
Kozak Adventure Jayla VG-88 (6th lact.)

New ME cow
Kozak Dempsey Lotus EX-90-2E

Herd Score: 6ME, 3E, 35VG,37 GP

September 28, 2018: The Kozak’s are excited to release their new logo featuring two of their best cows in each breed: Kozak Adventure Briana Red EX-90-5YR-CAN and Remm Fancy Paul Mila EX-5E-CAN 4*(5/16).