Kingsway Farms has a great Classification Round!

Kingsway Farms, a Master Breeder Herd in Hastings, ON, had a great day with the classifier this week. 

Highlights from Kingsway’s Classification include:

Kingsway Doorman Drew VG-85, a daughter of Kingsway Dundee Drum Stick EX-95 2E 9*

14 2 year olds averaged 85.6 points
Kingsway Doorman Dutchess VG-87
Kingsway Doorman Kari VG-87
Kingsway Equation Glossie VG-87
Kingsway Goldwyn A Toni VG-86 (owned with Millen)
Kingsway Archrival A Primo VG-86
Kingsway Doorman A Thelma VG-86
Kingsway Doorman Irma VG-86
Kingsway Doorman A Trinity VG-85
Kingsway Doorman Drew VG-85
Kingsway Airintake Boo VG-85
Stranshome Giorgi-Red VG-85 (now owned by Leclerc and Moffet)

Bardale Dempsey Edna VG-85
Durham Dempsey Eddie VG-85 (now owned by Armcrest)

Kingsway Windbrook Zenith EX-90
Kingsway Windbrook Lorene EX-90
Kingsway Stanley Macy EX-90
Kingsway Goldwyn Gogie EX-90 2E
Upper Canada Atwood Delight EX-94 2E
Kingsway Goldwyn Gamer EX-91 3E
Sprucecho Shottle Ali EX-91 3E
Kingsway Dundee Deli EX-94 7E

The current herd classification is now: 22 ME, 16 EX, 85 VG & 9 GP