Jerseys shine at Ferme Guimo’s Recent Classification

Ferme Guimo from Quebec had some great results with their Jerseys and Holsteins when the classifier visited them last week!

Jersey Classification Highlights

  • Guimo Balin Barbie VG-86
  • Guimo Keith Jane VG-85
  • Guimo Rufus VG-85
  • Guimo Vandana Cendriella VG-85
  • Guimo Puritan Emy VG-85
  • As well they had 3 score 84 pts and 3 score 83 pts

2nd Lactation

  • Island Vivaldi Julie VG-88
  • Texas Joela VG-88
  • Guimo Joel Lysanna VG-87
  • Guimo Archer Lyssa VG-86
  • Royalty Ridge Joel Celebrate VG-86
  • Guimo Torpedo Janis VG-85
  • Guimo Arrival Ashley VG-85

3rd Lactation

  • Summum Vivaldi Ira EX-93 MS-94
  • Guimo Pappy Joy EX-91 MS-93
  • Guimo First Joany VG-87

4th Lactation plus

  • Guimo Nice Jany EX-92 2E
  • Guimo Allstar Esmerelda EX 2E
  • Guimo First Lily EX 3E

Holstein Classification Results

2nd Lactation

  • Guimo Graduate Pistachio VG-87

Other highlights

  • Guimo Corine Stanleycup EX-91 2E
  • Guimo Spiderman Kandy EX 3E