Jersey Association Announces Burris Retirement and Staff Reassignments

Neal Smith, Executive Secretary and CEO of the American Jersey Cattle Association and National All-Jersey Inc., announced today the retirement of David Burris, effective March 1, 2013, and reassignments for two staff members, Brad Barham and Elizabeth Moss.

“David’s retirement comes after twenty years of service in multiple roles serving the needs of Jersey owners nationwide,” said Smith. “He has been effective in his position as area representative for the southeastern United States, as an evaluator for the AJCA linear type appraisal program, and marketing Jerseys through public auctions and private treaty sales with Jersey Marketing Service. We wish him well in his retirement.”

Brad Barham, who joined the AJCA staff in January of 2012 as Business Development Specialist, will relocate to Calhoun, Tenn., and transition into the role of Southeast Area Representative starting January 1. Barham will continue working with young sire development programs, in JMS marketing, and as a linear type evaluator.

Elizabeth Moss will move to join the AJCA headquarters staff January 1. In addition to her current responsibilities as an AJCA type evaluator, she will support the association’s marketing and program development efforts as Development Specialist. Moss will also assist with JerseyTags customer service and marketing.

In a related move, the field territory assigned to Ron Mosser has been changed to include Indiana and Kentucky. Mosser retains his responsibilities as senior appraiser for the AJCA linear type appraisal program.

A search is underway for a person to serve as AJCA-NAJ Area Representative for the states of Illinois and Michigan.