IPS Gains Stature with December Proof round

International Protein Sires gained stature resulting from the December 2012 sire summaries.  “The additional daughters in 6HO1126 Rockwell’s proof provided further stature to his top 100 TPI World Ranking.  A new proven sire graduate and recent high profile genomic proven young sires have elevated the IPS Holstein sire lineup still further.  These enhancements support our objective in breeding cows rather than numbers.  And this approach to dairy cattle breeding has gained favor with dairy farmers around the world,” stated Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.

6HO1126 Rockwell’s ranking in the Holstein Association’s Top 100 resulted through added daughters in the December sire summary.  Rockwell’s TPI rating at +2032 is supported by: +1,393 Milk, +2.56 Type, +2.83 Foot & Leg Composite and +1.73 Udder Composite.  The #1 son of Toystory, Rockwell is backed by five generations of excellent dams that average 92.8 in classification.  A revitalized source of genetics, Rockwell has no O-Man, Shottle, Goldwyn, Planet, Outside or Durham in his lineage.  This breed leading Holstein is being used as a sire of sons in many parts of the world.

The newest graduate of the IPS progeny proving program is 54HO0445 Just Right.  This Mich son has impressive credentials across the board; +2.54 Type, +2.49 Udder Composite, +2.76 Foot & leg Composite, +2.07 Body and +2.30 Dairy Form.  Just Right is also a prominent fat improver at +0.03%.  This new release is backed by an impressive cow family.  His dam is an Excellent-95 classified daughter of Durham with 215,230 pounds milk lifetime.  His next three dams are all classified Very Good with striking milk credentials.  With additional daughters already classified, but not yet included in his type proof, this one looks Just Right!

A tool in measuring the economics of any dairy farming operation is services per conception.  IPS offers the top two bulls of the Holstein breed in achieving high conception rates.  99HO7070 Jehosaphat is the #1 genomic young sire for SCR at +6.4 and 99HO6145 Barry is the #1 proven bull with milking daughters for SCR at +5.9.
Recent headliner additions to the IPS lineup are genomic proven young sires.  566HO1181 Enigma with high ranking credentials comes in at +2305 GTPI, +2,492 milk and +2.21 type.  Enigma is a Facebook son from a high performing Shottle daughter classified Very Good.  566HO1183 Bancroft is a son of Shamrock from a high producing and VG-88 daughter of Oman Oman.  Bancroft has laudable qualifications of +2286 GTPI, +2,203 milk and +2.45 type.

The growing stature of IPS proven bulls has notable achievements.  They include: the #6 Milk bull – 6HO1150 Yankee at +2,461, #6 Udder Composite bull – 36HO0400 Avalanche at +3.38, #7 Type bull – 36HO0400 Avalanche at +3.52, #10 Red Holstein – 6HO1124 Tycoon-Red at +1,741 TPI, #10 SCS bull – 54HO0480 Legend at +2.49 and the #14 Productive Life bull – 6HO1152 Zade at +5.7.