Honadel wins 50‐inch TV from Jetstream Genetics

Augusta, Wis. – Donald and Nicole Honadel of Bears Grass Dairy in Augusta, Wis., recently won the drawing for a 50‐inch TV from Jetstream Genetics. Donald signed up to win the TV from Jetstream at the Planet Holstein Sale during World Dairy Expo last October.

Bears Grass Dairy is a 380‐cow registered dairy averaging over 25,000 pounds of milk with about 3.6 percent fat and 3.0 percent protein. They are active in genomic testing, marketing and contracting cattle through their Ursa‐Grass prefix.

Donald recently used the Jetstream online ordering system to purchase 534HO00009 CASHMONEY semen, which resulted in a successful flush. CASHMONEY is the #1 Observer son in Canada and the #10 genomic young sire overall on the December 2012 genomic proof run at +3356 GLPI.

Contact any of our Jetstream sales distributors or order online. Ordering at www.jetstreamgenetics.com is fast, easy and secure, delivered direct to the farm with most shipments received within two business days.

Jetstream Genetics provides breed‐defining sires through the upper echelon of genomics, whether those genetics are from deep‐pedigreed cow families or high numbers, extreme type or extreme production, Red or Polled, or the very best bulls that combine these attributes. Jetstream delivers excellence to its customers and provides the tools to increase customers’ genetic rate of gain. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream secures the most sought‐after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, which allows them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

Donald and Nicole Honadel of Bears Grass Dairy, Augusta, Wis., recently won a 50‐inch TV through a drawing from Jetstream Genetics, Madison, Wis


















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