Holstein Quebec Hires New Advisors

We are proud to introduce the new members of our advisory team: Steven Beerwort, advisor for the South of the province, Myriam Côté, advisor for the East and Marie-Philip Brisson, acting advisor for the West, as replacement of a maternity leave until December 2013.

Steven has over 10 years of experience in the dairy industry, particularly with the Holstein and Jersey breed, with a degree in Agricultural Technology Management from McGill University. Besides being a heifer breeder, Steven has practiced different functions such as: seller-consultant, territory supervisor and inseminator for the CIAQ, seller-consultant senior and territory manager for Agribrands Purina Canada inc., as well as supervisor and team leader at the Colpitts Ranches in Alberta. These functions not only allowed him to acquire a solid experience of genetic and dairy business, but also helped him develop good relations and business management skills and leadership.

Myriam will complete a bachelor’s degree in agronomy at Laval University in May. In addition to having completed her internships at Valacta and Purdel’s and La Matapédienne’s Coops, she is also a part-time farm worker at Engival’s farm since 2000. Myriam is president of Laval’s University Animal Breeding Club and was president of the expertise Club of the same university. She has received several awards, such as Holstein Quebec breeding school’s individual grand prize, in 2012, and she was also a member of the winning team. The formation and experience she has acquired over the years allowed her to develop good skills in genetics, dairy production, extension and leadership.

Marie-Philip has a technique in animal production and will also obtain her bachelor’s degree in agronomy at Laval University in May. With her experience on the family farm (Bri-mer) and her various internships including one as a summer employee at Holstein Quebec, Marie-Philip has received several awards. She was president of the expertise Club of her university and has for credit many other social implications. She was a member of the Ormstown 4-H club’s executive committee for 6 years. Her courses and her experiences has allowed her to develop a good knowledge of genetics and dairy production.

The members of the advisory team are all proud to continue their career among Holstein Quebec so they can promote the Holstein breed and help the breeders become leaders in their field.

Steven will start a full-time position as of January 28th. You can reach him by email at the following address: beerwort@holsteinquebec.com.

Myriam will start part-time as of January 28th until she finishes her bachelor’s degree in May. Afterwards, she will be available full-time. You can reach her by email at the following address: cote@holsteinquebec.com.

Marie-Philip will also start part-time as of January 28th until she finishes her bachelor’s degree in May. Afterwards she will be available full-time, until December, when Geneviève Lafrance returns from her maternity leave. You can reach her by e-mail at the following address: brisson@holsteinquebec.com.