Holstein Canada Annual General Meeting will be Hosted Virtually in 2021

Holstein Canada Annual General Meeting will be Hosted Virtually in 2021

The global situation of the past year has changed many plans and events but it has also made us more creative and focused in our planning!

The hybrid AGM is a more inclusive event – regardless of where you are located, you can connect to the meeting, participate in discussions and have your vote count.

From your seat in the tractor, from the milking parlour, or from the kitchen table, all members are able to join in and be part of the process.

The resolutions from 2019 and 2020 will be discussed, debated and voted on.

The same rules for voting will apply, every voting member will register by prefix and have one vote. The robust virtual platform will allow for secure voting.

The decision to hold the AGM in July was made to give the best possible chance to have an in-person event. In order to comply with our by-laws this is the latest we can push the meeting date.

We understand the importance of members gathering together and that a virtual meeting does not replace that connection. In the future we will be together again but the experience gained in offering virtual solutions is valuable for these events to remain inclusive for all members going forward.

Join in July 8th for discussions and voting on the path of your Association along with some celebrations and award presentations.

Master Breeders
After great reflection, it has been decided that an in-person Master Breeder celebration is the most fitting way to recognize the winners of this important award. The celebration will be held for both 2019 and 2020 recipients in November to allow for the best chance of being together to honour this achievement.

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