HIPRA launches TOPVAC®, the first vaccine for preventing mastitis caused by E.coli, S.aureus and CNS in dairy cattle, in CANADA

TOPVAC® is an inactivated vaccine against bovine mastitis, containing E.coli (J5) and Staphylococcus aureus, Slime Associated Antigenic Complex (SAAC). TOPVAC® activates immunity in cows and heifers, and prevents intramammary infections, reducing clinical and sub-clinical mastitis. It is active against: E. coli and other coliforms, and S. aureus and CNS.

The direct effects of vaccination include a reduction in the incidence of intramammary infections, a reduction of the severity of the clinical symptoms, and an increase in the spontaneous cure rate.  Amongst others, the indirect effects include a decrease of individual somatic cell count (SCC), a decrease of bulk tank somatic cell count (BTSCC), a reduction of the number antibiotic treatments and an increase in the milk production.

For the introduction of TOPVAC® in Canada, HIPRA presented a series of seminars for veterinarians and milk quality experts in Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.  Presentations were made by recognized mastitis experts Dr. Ynte Schukken and Dr. Andrew Bradley who sharedthe results obtained of their respective field studies using TOPVAC®. Dr. Shukken’s data confirm the efficacy of TOPVAC in reducing the rate of new infections due to S.aureus and their length. Dr. Bradley’s conclusions were that the vaccination with TOPVAC can significantly reduce the severity of coliform mastitis, significantly reduce culling and wastage associated with mastitis and have a significant positive impact on production  Also presenting were Dr. Simon Dufour (Québec), Dr. David Kelton (Ontario) and Dr. Herman Barkema (Alberta) of the Canadian Bovine Mastitis Research Network (CBMRN), who provided an update of the most recent advances in milk quality and mastitis in Canadian dairy herds

HIPRA is a privately owned global company, with Headquarters located in Amer (north of Barcelona), founded in 1954 with an intense international Research and Marketing activity in most segments within Animal Health.

Despite being a new player in the Canadian Animal Health market, HIPRA’s products are available today in more than 100 countries worldwide. In 20 of these markets, the products are sold and serviced directly through HIPRA’s fully owned subsidiaries. Within this context, Canada represents a unique business model for HIPRA worldwide. Kane Veterinary Supplies, a well-established and reputable Canadian company, will be its  strategic partner, managing the sales and marketing activities in the Canadian territory. HIPRA Canada, will provide local field  technical services and will gradually expand its range of products available in Canada to include not only other ruminant products, but also products for both swine and poultry.

The corporate vision of HIPRA is to becomea world reference in prevention with differentiated products for Animal Health.  HIPRA believes that the future of animal health lies in prevention. There are several reasons to support this approach to control diseases in livestock:

  • Prevention is not only a more economical option for producers and professionals in the sector compared to the cost of a medication treatment dose, but also a much more effective alternative. A good diagnostic and a proper vaccination plan are considered crucial for the success in preventing diseases, especially in dairy farming.
  • Disease prevention is key to fight against antibiotic resistance, so the regular use of vaccines, helps veterinarians and farmers obtain the highest performance from antibiotics when they are necessary.
  • Furthermore, there is a final benefit from the use of vaccines; Disease prevention fits perfectly with the on-going international regulations to avoid the excessive use of antibiotics, and its ultimate impact in the food chain.R&D ACTIVITIES
    HIPRA is well known internationally for its strong investment in innovative vaccines and diagnostic tools. HIPRA dedicates 9% of its total sales revenues and 16% (or 130 people) of its staff to research and development.

    An example of this effort is TOPVAC®,, the only available polyvalent mastitis vaccine against E.Coli, S.aureus, coliforms and CNS that has recently been approved for sale in Canada. TOPVAC® is the first and only bovine mastitis vaccine to be registered in Europe through a centralized procedure in the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
    TOPVAC®  is only available through a veterinarian.

    For more information, please contact our Canadian distribution partner, Kane Veterinary Supplies Ltd.

    Edmonton office: (780) 453-1516
    Cambridge office: (519) 740-0733

    Kane Veterinary Supplies covergirl – Wendon Skyfame Mira VG-89 owned by Wendon Holsteins www.wendonholsteins.com photo by Ella Wright
    Kane Veterinary Supplies covergirl – Wendon Skyfame Mira VG-89 owned by Wendon Holsteins www.wendonholsteins.com photo by Ella Wright
Distributor of Top Vac for Canada- Kane Veterinary Supplies
Distributor of Top Vac for Canada- Kane Veterinary Supplies