Genetics For Life = Profitable Herds & Lifelong Partnerships

Genetics for Life is about developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships. Semex customers and partners know that working with Semex as their genetic partner yields many benefits. These benefits include access to our Genomax™ lineup and our Premier™ Young Sire Proving Program, offering producers the brightest and best genomic, young sire lineups in the industry.

These programs have netted many successes over the years including the extremely popular Repromax™, HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease™ sire, 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold (Oman x BW Marshall) who maintains his position as a high-ranking TPI sire. He offers a +2103 GTPI with an impressive +80 PTAF, +1460 PTAM, 4.0 PL with pleasing type and an outstanding 4% Calving Ease!

In August, Semex released several newly proven sires from its Premier™ Program that are equally as exciting:

0200HO00528 Sildahl Jett Air (Baxter x BW Marshall)
Repromax™, HealthSmart™ and Calving Ease™ sire
#2 Baxter in the breed and one of the best combinations of PL and SCS available at +6.0 and 2.74 respectively with a +2.86 PTAT, +2.30 UDC and +2.72 FLC.

0200HO05908 Hendel Bigstone (Bolton x Oman)
Repromax™ sire
One of the highest-ranking bulls TPI bulls that is over 100 lbs combined fat and protein and over +2.00 PTAT with +78 PTAF, +60 PTAP and +2.04 PTAT.
0200JE00060 BW Renegade (Maximum x Centurion)
Repromax™ and HealthSmart™ sire
At the top of the Jersey breed, he is the #1 New Release GJPI at +251, #1 NM$ at +712, #1 FM$, #1CM$ at +798, #2 PL at +6.8, #2 MACE LPI, 0.6 DPR and 86 pounds fat.