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Genetics For Life Into Tomorrow Together

Genetics for Life is about genetic solutions, our commitment to research & development, and most importantly developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships.

Each proof round, we reaffirm this commitment to our customers and our partners,
returning highly anticipated daughter proven sires and releasing exciting young genomic sires. These sires represent the best of Semex’s offering and are a direct result of what we’ve heard from you, our customers. Below are listings of these newest sires, categorized by their iconic Semex brands:

Genetics for Life is all about reproductive solutions. We’re committed to the on-going
research & development that developed the world’s only international fertility evaluation, Repromax™. Semex’s Repromax sires improve your herd’s reproductive performance, longevity and profitability, one straw at a time. Fertility leaders 0200HO00402Mainstream Manifold, 0200HO02167 Stantons Achiever, 0200HO05548 Kerndt-Premier Butze and 0200HO05630 Comestar Lavanguard spearhead Repromax sires. Joining this group following the August evaluations are:

  • 0200HO02427 ARDROSS STERLING *RC (Mr Burns *RC x Shottle)
  • 0200HO05908 HENDEL BIGSTONE (Bolton x Oman)
  • 0200HO05960 LORKA COGNAC RED (Mr Burns *RC x Salto *RC)
  • 0200HO00528 SILDAHL JETT AIR (Baxter x BW Marshall)


Healthy cows are the foundation of any long-lasting, profitable herd. Semex’s
Healthsmart™ sires’ daughters are productive and thrive. They are proven to last longer and live healthier, which means more money for the dairy. Semex’s HealthSmart sires including 0200HO00402 Mainstream Manifold, 0200HO05592 Crackholm Fever and 0200HO02087 Sandy-Valley Deputy are proven to sire desirable, healthy cows. Joining this group following the August evaluations are:

  • 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER (Baxter x Shottle)
  • 0200HO00528 SILDAHL JETT AIR (Baxter x BW Marshall)


Genomax™ sires are the youngest and brightest sires that are available globally.
Semex’s rigorous genomic young sire standards ensure that these bulls are the very best young bulls in the world. Evidence of this is their consistent, high rankings in multiple systems worldwide. Semex’s Genomax line-up is the envy of the industry and includes young bulls that are quickly becoming household names including:

0200HO07450 Amighetti Numero Uno, 0200HO03753 Marbri Facebook, 0200HO02770 Sully Hart Meridian and 0200JE00362 Gabys Arrow. New to this line-up in August are:

0200HO06411 CRACKHOLM-INT BRIGHT RED (Secure Red x Planet)0200HO03795 CURR-VALE DESTINED *RC (Observer x Goldwyn)0200HO02783 DANHOF DETROIT (Freddie x Planet)
0200HO02828 DYMENTHOLM S SYMPATICO *RC (Snowman x Planet)
0200HO06395 LOOKOUT P SURVIVOR RED (Magne-P *RC x Mr Burns *RC)0200HO02751 MORSAN MR METAL (Man-O-Man x Goldwyn)
0200HO09133 REGANCREST-GVH AERO (Observer x Shottle)
0200HO02792 SANDY-VALLEY SALOON (Iota x Planet)
0200HO06406 STANTONS EVEREST (Observer x Shottle)
0200HO03807 VELTHUIS ALPINE (Snowman x Planet)
0200JE00177 BI-MY RADICAL (Valentino x Lemvig)
0200JE08165 BROADLIN HATMAN (Navara x Manhatten)
0200JE00193 BUTTERCREST STANDING (Legal x Dale)
0200JE00195 COVINGTON MILAD-P (Eclipes-P x Centurion)
0200JE00373 DUTCH HOLLOW VALENTE (Valentino x Gold Medal-P)
0200JE00499 DUTCH HOLLOW VINTAGE-P (Valentino x Golden)
0200JE00384 GUIMO JOEL (Legal x Paramount)
0200JE00212 ORTHRIDGE DA BOMB-P (Legal x Lovabull-P)
0200JE00215 SUN VALLEY PREVUE-P (Eclipes-P x Impuls)

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