One word is all it takes to recognize Sweet-Pepper Black Francesca who died unexpectedly early last week. Frannie, as she is known to her owners Beverly Donovan and Richard Caverly of Benton, Maine, was recently named the Grand Champion Ayrshire at the Royal Winter Fair and the World Dairy Expo. Beverly and Richard were meticulous in their care of Frannie and felt honored to have worked with this 2E-EX94 cow, who was also the  unanimous All American 5 year old. Her last two tests were 140 and 120 pounds with a 5% test. Frannie calved at 11 month intervals 6 times and was confirmed pregnant. As visitors pass through the show string, Frannie brought them to a stop and she was the subject of many pictures throughout the week at Madison and Toronto. From coast to coast and around the world, this “Great Red Cow of Maine” will be missed by her many friends and fans.

Francesca Grand WDE 2012
Francesa Wins the Royal 2012












Francesca with Richard Caverly and Gary Bowers