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Ferme Petitclerc had a great show success at the NY Spring Show. Including being named Premier Breeder at the Junior Show. Congratulations!

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Past Updates

Ferme Petitclerc classification results from their Sept 2018 visit from the classifier.

EX (2 New)
Robella Goldwyn Edgeley EX 94 2E (MS-95)
Weeksdale Gold Lace, EX 93 (MS 95), 0wned with Ferme Cerpolait & Dan Hovden
Petitclerc Alexander Albany EX 93 2E
Petitclerc Goldwyn Annabel EX 93 3E
Petitclerc Aftershock Scootie EX 92
Petitclerc Windbrook Alibaba EX 92 2E
Petitclerc Goldwyn Vertica EX 92 4E
Petitclerc Goldwyn Shadow EX 91 3E
Petitclerc Atwood Mist EX 3E
Petitclerc Goldwyn Sassy EX 2E

Petitclerc Lotus Spyro @ Supreme 2018

VG 1st Calf
Petitclerc Lotus Spyro VG 88 (MS 89 Max)
Petitclerc Sid Shania VG 87
Weberlac Doorman Summit VG 87, Owned with Winright
Petitclerc Doorman Shelby VG 86
Petitclerc Lotus Scrappy VG 86, full sister to Spyro
Petitclerc Doorman Seniorita VG 86
Petitclerc Brady Fairy VG

VG 2nd Calf
Petitclerc Golddust Sweetie VG 88 (MS 90)
Petitclerc Doorman Annisa VG 87
Petitclerc Sid Sprint VG 87
Petitclerc Bradnick Mistrel VG
Winright Goldwyn Elegant VG


Past Classification News (April 2018)

Ferme Petitclerc classification
LtoR: Sid Souky, Goldwyn Edgeley, Windbrook Tibout, Shottle Sexy, Doorman Synergy, Doorman Snap


EX: (4 New)
-Robella Goldwyn Edgeley now EX 93 2E, Res All-Can Sr 3Y 2015
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk EX 93 2E
-Morsan Baxter Lovely Miss EX 93 4E
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Fleur EX 92 4E
-Pierstein Windbrook Tibout EX 92, daughter of Pineland Goldwyn Tidbit, she complete the 14th gen EX
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Spell EX 3E
-Petitclerc Shottle Sexy EX
-Lingle GoldChip Feline EX
-Petitclerc Goldchip Sierra EX, Supra Family!!

VG 1st calf
-Petitclerc Lotus Spyro VG 87, Nom All-Can Jr Yrlg 2017, Daughter of Goldwyn Spady!
-Petitclerc Doorman Dove VG 86
-Petitclerc Doorman Snap VG 86, daughter of Saltalamacchia!
-Petitclerc Doorman Synergy VG, daughter of Saltalamacchia!
-Petitclerc Doorman Sunny VG, Daughter of Goldwyn Silver EX 92
-Petitclerc Sid Sprint VG, Daughter of Goldwyn Silver EX 92
-Gen-Com Attic Edisa VG, Elegance Familly!!

VG 2nd calf
-Petitclerc Sid Souky VG 88
-Petitclerc Fever Poison VG 87
-Petitclerc Uno Loopy VG 87
-Petitclerc Atwood Samantha VG 86
-Petitclerc Yorick Chico VG 86
-Petitclerc Goldwyn Sugar VG
-Petitclerc Sid Sunny VG
-Petitclerc GC Benjy VG