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Ferme Bri-Mer Classification Highlights

Ferme Bri-Mer from Sainte-Barbe, Montérégie, west of Montreal had the classifier swing by and classify the Brismer herd. They ended up with some great results! Congratulations!

Classification Highlights

  • Brismer Sid Beyonce VG-88
  • Brismer Doorman Lazy VG-87
  • Brismer Loaded Saki VG-87
  • Brismer Doorman Lolipop VG-86
  • Brismer Elaborate Alpine VG
  • Brismer Collateral Supreme VG
  • Brismer Goldendreams Lollie GP-84 2Y
  • Dandyland Shadow Lululemon GP-84 2Y
  • Brismer Diamondback Necklace GP-83 2Y
  • Brismer Goldendreams Lolly GP-83 2Y
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