Exciting Classification Round at Skycrest Holsteins

A cold and wet rainy day was the perfect day for the classifier to stop in at Skycrest Holsteins located in Athabasca, Alberta. Despite the dreary weather, based on their scores it was an exciting day!

Classification Highlights

Photo credit: Skycrest Holsteins

1st lactation 2-Year-Olds
Skycrest High O Kangaroo VG 87
Skycrest High O Nickers VG 86
Skycrest Solomon Sparky VG 85
Skycrest Solomon Kaboom VG 85
Skycrest Double D Daiquiri VG 85
Skycrest Kingpin IQ VG 85
Skycrest Goldwyn Fiddle VG 85

2nd Lactation:
Skycrest Windbrook Nifty VG 89 (MAX)
Deerfield Magic Kalie VG 88
Skycrest Loaded Sasquatch VG 87
Skycrest Doorman Sugar Pea VG 85

3rd Lactation +:
Skycrest Durbin Kahlua EX 92
Skycrest Sanchez Taboo EX 92
Skycrest Seaver Dejavu EX 90
Skycrest Chelios Kibosh EX 90
Skycrest Bradnick Karate Chop EX 90
Skycrest Sanchez Poison Ivy VG 87
Skycrest Nuclear Hammerhead Ex 91 2E
Skycrest Windbrook Skittles EX 91 2E
Skycrest Broke a Nail EX 90 2E
Skycrest Braxton Rambo Ex 94 3E