EastGen Introduces Hoofsure – A Complete Line of Hoofcare Products

GUELPH, ONTARIO –With lameness rivaling mastitis as the most costly disease to the dairy industry, EastGen is pleased to now provide producers with a complete line of hoofcare products to help reduce the economic impact of this widespread problem.

Manufactured by Provita, the Hoofsure line includes products specially developed for foot baths and for the spraying and wrapping of hooves. These products all contain a natural blend of organic acid and tea tree oil, are non-antibiotic, non-toxic, safe to use, and proven effective in trials.

Hoofsure Endurance is a unique scientifically formulated foot bath solution that conditions hooves with a deep, penetrating action that kills bacteria within one second of contact. Intended for daily footbathing to maintain good hoof condition, the highly concentrated formula (1:100 dilution) of Endurance means it is very cost effective. Difficult cases will further benefit from Hoofsure Endurance 25%, a concentrated spray for use in parlours, tie-stalls and during hoof trimming.

Hoofsure Combat is a fast-acting, unique film-forming spray that produces a waterproof, breathable film to protect against manure and urine. Combat is available in a 1 L spray bottle producing up to 100 applications, and should be used for spot spraying in parlour or stall and during hoof trimming.

Hoofsure Konquest features advanced bio-adhesion properties developed for use with a hoof bandage wrap to help improve hoof health on more difficult cases. This product has potent penetration action and is stable in extreme temperatures. Available in 300 g gel tubes, one tube of Konquest will typically yield 30 applications.

While Endurance 25%, Combat and Konquest are formulated for use on individual cows, a cost effective 1% dilution regular maintenance footbath of Endurance costs less than copper sulfate and approximately the same as formaldehyde. Just ask dairy producer Robert Wright of Wrico Holsteins, Midhurst, Ont., about his experience with formaldehyde before switching to Hoofsure Endurance. “Prior to moving into our new milking barn, we had a manual footbath that we filled with formaldehyde and water but the fumes bothered us so much it was not used regularly.”

Wright started using Hoofsure Endurance two years ago in the footbath for his 75-head milking herd housed in a free-stall, slatted floor, robot milking barn and is pleased with the results. “For the new barn I chose Endurance over copper sulfate or formaldehyde because it was university trial proven to be more effective. The new lower price now makes this product even more attractive.” Wright finds it hard to put a price on healthy feet. “Our cows have to be mobile. Sore feet eliminate a cows’ contribution to our herd.” Hoofsure Endurance has been working for Wright. “It is my hoof trimmer who confirms its effectiveness. He told me, ‘I do not know what you are doing but keep doing it because your cow’s feet are a lot healthier than any of my other clients’.”

For more information on the Hoofsure line of products, ask the EastGen representative in your area, or call

EastGen at 1-888-821-2150.

For additional information contact:
Tara Reynolds, EastGen Communications Coordinator
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