CRV December Proofs Deliver More Valuable Milk and Healthier, More Efficient Herds

(Madison, Wis.)—CRV USA is excited to announce strong sire lineups for both the Holstein and Jersey breeds

—continuing to deliver the genetics, including CRV’s HerdBuilder Traits, that help dairy producers across the country build healthier, efficient, and more profitable herds.

“This last year was definitely exciting for CRV—and we’re not slowing that excitement down as we look towards 2017,” said Amy VanderMark, CRV USA Managing Director. “As we flip our calendars over to the next year, we will continue to hold true on our promise of adding more value to your milk, helping your herd become more efficient, and delivering on our motto of breeding better cows for a better life.”

One way CRV is helping add value to our customers’ milk and building better herds is through HerdOptimizer—a recently-launched precision genetic management program. Launched at World Dairy Expo in October 2016, HerdOptimizer combines genomic testing, customized breeding goals, careful trait selection, easy-to-use test results, and breeding recommendations to deliver faster and more reliable herd improvement. This elite genomic herd management program is for any producer looking to easily customize their breeding goals—no matter what they may be.

Not only does HerdOptimizer capture traditional U.S. dairy genomic traits, it also delivers results on more than 20 proprietary CRV HerdBuilder Traits such as breeding values related to hoof health, udder health, premium milk components, fertility and efficiency. As you look at CRV’s December lineups and browse our sire directories, look for the HerdBuilder Traits for each bull indicated in blue boxes.


The CRV US Holstein lineup for December 2016 excels in premium milk sires certain to make efficient and healthy cows. Over 80% of the active genomic lineup is over 100 pounds combined fat and protein. CRV sires also produce this milk efficiently—averaging not only 118 pounds combined fat and protein, but also just slightly over 1 point on stature. These bulls combine this premium milk production with excellent health as well—averaging 5.3 PL and 1.5 DPR with the group still being over 1,350 pounds of milk.

097HO41772 Fearless has an extremely unique pedigree with huge protein pounds. He is an AltaLeaf x Sherac x Gabor with 64 pounds of protein and is completely free of Mogul and Supersire—making him an extremely easy sire to use and mate. Fearless has a unique combination of production and health, being over 1,900 pounds of milk with positive DPR.

097HO41651 Forward is a tremendously efficient production sire. He debuts at 148 pounds CFP with +0.16% Fat and +0.06% Protein along with being only 0.11 for stature. His sire stack is AltaSpring x Embassy which makes Forward completely free of Supersire in his pedigree.

097HO41793 Novel provides a great combination of production with health. He is over 2,000 pounds of milk with positive DPR and healthy udders at 2.81 SCS. Novel is a high CFP sire as well—being 148 pounds CFP with positive component percentages. Daughters of Novel will be small framed cows with his negative stature of -0.10.

097HO41773 Beckham is a Silver x Bookem that excels in premium milk. He is 140 pounds CFP with 60 pounds of protein. Beckham also scores great percentages at +0.09% Fat and +0.05% Protein. He is also an option for the heifer pen at 6.3 SCE and has a superb Cheese Merit of $828.

097HO41722 Finn is a nice production sire making his debut at over 1,700 pounds of milk and 50 pounds of protein. He will provide daughters with good confirmation sire at 2.07 PTAT. The sire stack behind Finn is Supershot x McCutchen—making him free of Mogul in the pedigree.

097HO41670 Webmail is a new red and white sire for CRV this proof run. He has a unique red and white pedigree of Whatsapp x Rozello x Kian. Webmail has big component percentages of +0.16% fat and +0.07% protein and is great for calving ease in heifers at 6.1 SCE. He will also make extremely fertile daughters with +3.0 DPR.

097HO41630 Landon had a huge proof run—moving to 70 pounds of protein and over 2,200 pounds of milk, while increasing his daughter fertility to +2.1 DPR. He now sits at 2,648 gTPI and $750 Net Merit.

097HO41774 Hotline remains an elite gTPI bull in the industry at 2,721 gTPI. He is 148 pounds CFP and a great calving ease choice at 6.4 SCE. He is a great component improver as well, at +0.16% fat and +0.06% protein and $808 Cheese Merit. He is still a confirmation specialist as well at 3.10 PTAT.


Hand-selected to improve components and longevity for producer’s herds, CRV’s Dutch Holsteins bring a unique and proven set of traits that you simply can’t get anywhere else. The CRV Dutch Holstein lineup includes a combination of Black and Whites, Red and Whites, Genomic, and Proven sires.

097HO41459 Levator is a Dutch Holstein sire that provides extremely efficient component production, as well as healthy udders and hooves. He is +0.12% Fat and +0.08% Protein—as well as scoring 110 for Udder Health and 104 for Hoof Health. In addition, Levator daughters will be moderate frame cows with his value of 99 for Stature.

097HO40889 Danno is now a proven breed-leading Dutch sire. This Bookem son comes in today at a whopping 357 NVI along with 47 KGs of Protein. He excels in health traits as well—with values of 107 for Udder Health, 108 for Hoof Health, and 106 for Ketosis. He is also a world-class foot and leg sire with a Foot and Leg breeding value of 117.


Producers looking for a solid Jersey selection of genetics will no doubt turn to CRV. This proof run, CRV offers a diverse group of Jersey sires with a number chart toppers. There are two bulls in the lineup that reach the 240 JPI level—with several others over 200.

097JE00151 Strike is a Marlo x Virgil x Impuls and debuts at 215 JPI with a huge Cheese Merit of $654. He is over $600 Net Merit and comes in at 123 pounds CFP with big percentages to go with it (+0.21% fat and +0.09% protein).

097JE00005 Heisenberg makes his daughter-proven debut with an extremely complete and balanced proof. This Valentino son out of a Do Right is at 181 JPI and over 1200 pounds of milk. He is positive for DPR and is an udder improver at 14.8 JUI.

097JE00145 Silas had an extremely nice proof run, coming in at 240 JPI. This Harris son is 123 pounds CFP along with being +0.15% fat and +0.11% protein. He is a bull to improve udders at 14.5 JUI and is great for cheese markets with a Cheese Merit of $669.

097JE00109 Musket continued to add more daughters to his proof and jumped 30 JPI points to 162. He is now 100 pounds CFP with a huge 67 pounds of fat for a daughter proven sire (+0.17% fat). Musket continues to be a consistent udder sire at 9.5 JUI while still adding pounds to the tank at over 700 pounds of milk.

To learn more about our lineups or how CRV can help you achieve your breeding goals through HerdOptimizer, visit our directories or contact a CRV Genetic Consultant today at 1-855-CRV-COWS.