All-Canadian Holstein Nominations 2016

The 75th Edition of the All-Canadian Holstein Nominations have been announced by Holstein Journal, to culminate the 2016 show season.
The contest began in 1942, during World War II as a substitute for a national show. This year’s contest had 153 entries in the open competition. New this year is the addition of a Longtime Production class, featuring cows who have produced 60,000kg or more lifetime.  Nominees in this year’s contest represent seven Canadian provinces, 14 US States, as well as ownership stakes from Italy, France and Australia.

The leading exhibitor, with seven cows nominated, is Milksource Genetics, WI. Topping the list of breeders of All-Canadian nominations is Ferme Jacobs, QC, with eight nominations carrying the Jacobs prefix. The leading sire of nominations is Braedale Goldwyn, siring 17 of the nominated animals, including 14 milking females.

The nominations were selected by the committee of Yvon Chabot, QC, Gerald Coughlin, Jr, ON, Joël Lepage, QC and Carl Phoenix, ON. In addition to the nominating committee, votes for the All-Canadian contest will be cast by Jamie Black, NY; Pierre Boulet, QC; John Buckley, ON; Marc Comtois, QC; Pat Conroy, IN; Brian Craswell, PEI; Michael Farlinger, ON; Dominic Fortier, QC; Michael Heath, MD; Thierry Jaton, QC; Yan Jacobs, QC; Carl Saucier, QC; Orville Schmidt, AB; Jeff Stephens, ON; Nathan Thomas, OH and Blair Weeks, PEI.


Longtime Production
Penlow Geography Goldwyn
Jacobs Minister Aime
Loyalyn Goldwyn June
Huntsdale Shottle Crusade
Milksource Goldwyn Africa-ET
Nipponia R D Lizabeth

Mature Cows
Butz-Butler Gold Barbara-ET
Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha
Blondin Goldwyn Subliminal-ETS
Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang
Vale-O-Skene Pure Gold Abigail
Phoenix Baxter Geometry

5-Year-Old Females
Petitclerc Sid Sunkiss
Weeks Dundee Anika
Weeksdale Judges Harmony
Rosiers Blexy Goldwyn-ET
Brackleyfarm Chelios Cheerio
Holsbec Goldwyn Paula

4-Year-Old Females
Bergeroy Sid Ambelia
Keylas Sid Roxanna
Wendon Dempsey Prude
Elmcroft Attic Reta
Bosdale Gold Luster
Jacobs Fever Cael

Senior 3-Year-Old Females
Silvermaple Windham Camille-ET
Jacobs Jordan Carmel
Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey-ET
Walnutlawn McCutchen Summer
Wendon Goldwyn Allabuzz
Vertdor Lauthority Matrix

Junior 3-Year-Old Females
Jacobs Gold Liann
Comestar Lamadona Doorman
Jeanlu Stanleycup Alexis
Walkerbrae Doorman Locket
Al-Shar Dempsey Alison
Loyalyn Duplex Vanessa

Senior 2-Year-Old Females
Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P
Jacobs Reginald Kate
Santschi Aftershock Holiday
Leachland Atwood Megabyte
Lindenright Gold Annabel
Jacobs Windbrook Aimo

Junior 2-Year-Old Females
Wedgwood Hero Paula
Heatherstone Redhot-Red
Canco Doorman Maxima
Trefle Chassep Doorman-ET
Idee Windbrook Lynzi
Jacobs Windbrook Delay

Milking Yearling Heifers
Desnette Adelicia Impression
Ms Apple Atarah-ET
Valleyville Goldwyn Bissy
Embrdale Exquisite Lauthority
High Point Gay Ivory
Comestar Hopra Atwood

Breeder’s Herd
Bergeroy Breeder’s Herd
Bosdale Breeder’s Herd
Jacobs Breeder’s Herd
Kingsway Breeder’s Herd
Petitclerc Breeder’s Herd
Wendon Breeder’s Herd

Intermediate Yearling Heifers
Milksource Sid Desire-ET
Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm
Du Petit Bois GD Selsy
Smithden Hilton Izzy
Duhibou Fever Piranha
Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna

Junior Yearling Heifers
Micheret Amasoft Acrobat
Ms Listerines Luckylady-ET
Craila NC  Doorman Luxury
Drolie Doorman Maycy-ET
Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea
Boisblanc Seaver Elma

Summer Yearling Heifers
Comestar Holiday Goldwyn
Maroch Doorman Indou
Nordale McCutchen Pigeon
Barrvalley Doorman Liz
Robella BH Doorman Lonestar
Jacobs Mascalese Balzi

Senior Heifer Calves
Petitclerc McCutchen Sky
Mapel Wood Doorman Stella
Sicy Doorman Brie
Vogue Octane Sunstruck
Mount Elm Dempsey Aberdeen
Kay-Ben-I CG Cheezie

Intermediate Heifer Calves
Oakfield Solomon Loco-ET
Gendarra Armani Heaven
Cobequid Windbrook Pirouette
Browntown Mario Marlo
Quality Solomon Lust
Petitclerc Doorman Synergy

Junior Heifer Calves
Fraeland Doorman Bonnie
Glennholme Doorman Reggae
Mount Elm Fingers Crossed
Gendarra Brokaw Adele
Vertdor Doorman Morning
Garay Awesome Beauty

Junior Breeder’s Herd
Duhibou Junior Breeder’s Herd
Jacobs Junior Breeder’s Herd
Kingsway Junior Breeder’s Herd
Mount Elm Junior Breeder’s Herd
Petitclerc Junior Breeder’s Herd
Vogue Junior Breeder’s Herd

4-H Junior Yearling Heifers
VC-Langelands Sammy Champagne
Micheret Sandra Acrobat
Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea
Montdale Recharge Daisy
Hendercroft Sid Slick
Kingsway Doorman Debbie

4-H Summer Yearling Heifers
Extramile Famous Fever
Kingsway Beemer Artwork
D-Ray Goldchip Jazzy
Extramile Franchise Doorman
Century Star Doorman Carmela
Brismer Dempsey Sugar

4-H Senior Heifer Calves
Mapel Wood Doorman Stella
Hodglynn Doorman Hazelnut
Lookout Sid Voodoo
Vogue Kingboy Moonstruck
Embrdale Finesse Federal
Kingsway Doorman A Tasha

4-H Intermediate Heifer Calves
Karlinrock Brewmaster Glenna
Oakfield Solomon Loco-ET
Signature B Spectra
Corrcroft Doorman Chita
Quality Solomon Lust
Farrow McCutchen Necessity

4-H Junior Heifer Calves
Feederlane Soloman Justine
Farrow Ceo Ninja
Crovalley Armani Alareece
Phoenix Goldwyn Renee
Kingsway Solomon Arkus
Vogue Lumineer Luster