New Excellent Cows at Brigeen!

The Holstein USA classifier took a spin through Maine last week and found some new Excellent cows from prolific cow families at Brigeen Farms in Turner, ME!

Of the six new Excellent cows on the day, three are daughters of Brigeen Shottle Gigi EX-90 GMD, who is also the dam of Brigeen Supersire GIgi, now EX-91. Brigeen Aftershock Arian was raised to EX-91 and her Colt 45 sister raised to EX-92. Aftershock Arian’s flashy Connoisseur December calf sells in Syracuse April 5 in the NY Spring Select Sale!

The herd tallied 30 new Very Good cows, of which 14 were VG 2-year-olds! They included Supersire Gigi’s Monterey daughter, as well as a VG-86 Pety from the Cook Farm Fire Bell family.

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February 13, 2019: Brigeen Farms has updated their Facebook page. They will be hosting a Youth Showing workshop on February 18, 2019 at 10:00am. Visit their Facebook page for more information!

Jan 24, 2017-The Brigeen Farms Website has been updated with some new photos and updated information on several individuals.

Apr 27, 2016-Brigeen Farms has recently updated their website with classification results.
Mar 17, 2016-Brigeen Farms has recently updated their website.
Feb 18, 2016-Brigeen Farms has recently updated their website.
Sep 9, 2015-Brigeen Farms has recently updated their website with updates on their consignment to the Morrisville College Autumn Review Sale and some Maine State Show Results!
Aug 24, 2015-Brigeen Farms has recently updated their website!
May 5, 2015- Brigeen– Farms has recently updated their website with  thank-you to the buyers of their recent sale consignments!
Mar 29, 2015- Brigeen –Farms has recently updated their website!
Feb 23, 2015-Brigeen –Farms has updated their website with their recent classification results!
Dec 1, 2014-Brigeen– Farms has updated their website with their recent classification results!
July 12. 2014-The classifier came in for a visit at Brigeen –Farms – see how they did!
April 24, 2014 – Limited classification today at Brigeen with terrific results!
-BKB Shottle Amorillo-Shottle X Alicia is now EX-93 w/94 MS.
-Canyon Breeze Gold Arian-Goldwyn X Canyon Breeze Mor Alicha is now EX-92
-Brigeen Maestro Ida and Mattie Corsage now 2E-92.
-New excellents including Brigeen Atwood Bella and Comestar Shottle Lautamice. -Two year olds at VG-87 B-Enterprise L Lilly-Lauthority X Vt Pond View Dur Lilly and Brigeen Jordan Ingrid – Gillette Jordan X Cowtown Allen Ideal.

August 1, 2013-July classification, Also District & State show results, as well as updated cow family information! Classification Highlights:
3 new EX second lactation cows:
MS Milksource Blt Regina EX-90 (Bolton X Shottle Rhonda EX-90 x Convincer Rhonda EX-95)
Giltex Atwood Ida EX-90 (2nd dam is Villarosa BS Ida EX-96)
Brigeen Gershwin Saphir (3rd dam Howes BC Sassy)
-Three terrific new VG two year olds:
Wabash Way Super Eletta VG-85 (Super X Shot Ellisa VG-87)
B-Enterprise Charlize G ET (Super X Outside Gigi 2E-90)
B-Enterprise Dom Lissa (Domain X Jasp Lilac VG-89 2yr next dam 2E-93 Gold Levi)May 6, 2013 – May classification at Brigeen highlight top cow families
-Brigeen Maestro Ida raised to 2E-91 hails from Villarosa BC Ida EX-96 family.
-Big day for the Glory family – new EX Zenith Gwyneth, and her Jeeves a new VG two year old, Baxter Gaby now EX-91 for Ashlie Hardy, and Beacon Gloria – VG-85 at just three weeks fresh.
-New VG Bolton in the Roxies, with other family members gaining points.The Brigeen Farms website has been updated to include these great results from a recent
visit from the classifier!  Click here to go to Brigeen Farms

February 27, 2013 (Classification)- New EX – Brigeen Aspen Alcena – 5th generation Excellent from the Alicias
– Brigeen Allen Dur Ginger 2E-91 – 3rd generation Excellent from the Glory family.
– Canyon Breeze Gold Arian EX-91
– Brigeen Redliner Starsky EX-91
– Vt Pond View Goldwyn Levi 2E-93, 96-MS