Breeder Tour: Cedarwal Farms Ltd.

Cedarwal Farms Ltd. has recently updated their website with their new embryo catalog. The farm is owned and operated by Rich & Dave Vanderwal in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Their operation consists of a conventional 500 Holstein herd as well a 500 Organic Holstein and Jersey operation.

header_logoBreeding Goals:
On our conventional farms we are currently using 100% Genomic bulls. We are aiming for high production as well as problem-free barn cows. These cows are balanced, with the strength to last over a number of lactations. We are emphasizing on high type mating’s during our show months, as well as trying to gravitate towards polled, when the right bull comes around. Our focus also included using a majority of A2A2 bulls.

The Organic Dairies are focused on health and production. We have been using strictly A2A2 bulls at the organic dairies for more than 5 years.

The sires we are currently using through our Flush/IVF program are Topnotch, Jared, Tarrino, Yoda, Skywlker, Webster-P, Drastic-P, Luster-P. Our in herd sires we are currently using are King Royal, Sidekick, Alcove, Bandares, Casper, King Doc, House, Casper, Lambda.

Notable cow families that you are working with:
The Lila Z cow family makes up a large percentage of the bloodlines in the herd. We were fortunate enough to work with her directly for a number of years. Gen-I-Beq Snowman Spring and Snowman Summer (from the Glen Drummond Splendor family), have quite a few descendants in the herd that have carried on a lot of the red bloodlines. Larcrest Chevelle, an Observer daughter of Larcrest Cosmopolitan has been a great asset and brood cow to our herd.

Visit their website here to see their current embryo catalog and great list of current donors and genomics.