Brad Eggink Named Holstein Canada Classification Manager

Holstein Canada is pleased to announce Brad Eggink from Ontario’s Niagara region has been named Classification Manager.

hol-canada-brad-egginkBrad will lead the dedicated and hardworking Classification team, while also playing a pivotal role in setting the vision for the future of Conformation Assessment in Canada alongside the Board and Classification Advisory Committee, and building and maintaining strong relationships with producers and industry partners alike.

CEO Ann Louise Carson stated, “Brad has the exact skill set and experience we wanted to go forward in this changing industry. He brings to the table many years of hands-on farm management experience, a great business sense and strong links in the dairy industry, vision for Classification in the future, and above all, great passion and respect for Canadian dairy producers. We are thrilled to have

Brad join our Management team and know that he and National Classification Coordinators, Carolin Turner and Bruno Jubinville, key leaders of our dedicated Classification Team, will take our Classification program to the next level.”

Brad grew up on a dairy farm in the Niagara area. Following studies at Redeemer University College, he pursued his passion for the Holstein cow by working as Herd Manager for various high profile herds in his home area, with varying management profiles. At the time of his appointment, Brad was owner of Gracehaven Holsteins, a herd he will disperse in the coming months to meet the strict standards held by Holstein Canada staff regarding ownership of cattle.

Very active in the industry, Brad has been involved with the Niagara Holstein Club, where his vision was a key factor in transforming the annual summer Twilight meeting  into a consumer-friendly “Dinner at the Dairy”, allowing over 2,000 citizens to learn more about dairy farming. Brad was a member of the 2013 Holstein Canada Convention Committee, and has been instrumental in successful Ontario Spring Discovery shows, a position he will complete following the 2017 edition. An avid 4-H supporter, Brad received the National 4-H Volunteer Leader of the Year in 2012.

“My first-hand knowledge of the ins and outs of dairy farming and the various management tools available, have shaped my view of herd profitability,” says Brad Eggink. “In terms of profitability, Classification is a major tool in the toolbox. I sincerely look forward to joining the dynamic Holstein Canada Classification Team to work for our incredible dairy producers across the country.”

Brad will join the team officially in early January 2017 and can now be reached at