Best Way Notice Milk Ads In Canada, Have them in Local Hockey Rinks!

If you’ve been to your local hockey rink this winter, you may have noticed ads promoting milk.

It’s all part of a marketing campaign put on by Dairy Farmers of Manitoba. Chair David Wiens says the money goes towards items such as arena signage and logos on the ice.

He adds they’re also providing chocolate milk to these venues, positioning the beverage as a sport recovery drink for hockey players.  Immediately after a player steps off the ice, they have a 30 minute window where their body is at a heightened state to recover and they need to start rehydrating and refueling. One of the best recovery drinks a player can have is chocolate milk. It has the simple sugars needed to start replenishing energy stores and the protein needed to start repairing tired muscles. By drinking chocolate milk (as well as lots of water), players will be well on their way to recovering from their on-ice session and getting ready for the next one.

Wiens explained the benefits of the marketing program.

“It allows producers to get involved with our marketing program, and also it provides a really good alternative to what’s out there now,” he said. “Farmers become ambassadors for milk in the areas in which they live and work.”

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