Amazing Classification at Eastside Holsteins

 3 VG 87 2 YEAR OLDS!!! 2 NEW Excellents!! 8 VG 2YR OLDS!!

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Lewisdale Shottle Amaze VG 87 2 YR!
Dam: Lewisdale Eastside Gold Amaze VG 87 2YR. Produced over 400 embryos to DATE! and her full SISTER also scored VG 86: Eastside Lewisdale BE AMAZED VG 86 2YR. (Windbrook Embryos)!! AMAZE’s MILKING FAMILY ARE PROVING THEMSELVES! She has 6 VG 2 YR OLD Daugh ters! All that are milking were scored VG 2 YR OLD.

Budjon JK Goldwyn Enika VG 87 2YR. Dam Linjet Eileen EX 96 4E Grand dam: Krull Broker Elegance EX 96 3E. ONE TO WATCH and very exciting. ENIKA is backed by 6 EXCELLENT DAMS!

Pierstein Roy Lainy VG 87 2YR. Dam: Idee Leduc Lainey EX 5* Grand Dam Ravenswell Lydia EX 92 19*. 9 Gens VG or EX!

Farnear-TBR Gold Beauti VG 86 2YR Grand Dam Barbie EX 92 DOM GMD 3*. 5 Gens EXCELLENT.

Eastside Damion Lade EX 91. She 4th Generation of EX.
Regwall Damion Lynn EX. Watch for her in the 4 Year Old Class!