Accelerated Genetics Announces New Releases for January 2017

Accelerated Genetics has announced its new releases for January 2017.

The best ingredient to your genetic sandwich!
Mayo is the perfect combination of production of health! 014HO07842 Mayo is outstanding no matter where you look. He is +6.6 PL and +3.4 DPR and combines that with +1117lbs of milk and +125 CFP! Furthermore, Mayo chalks up +2684 GTPI and nearly +800 NM$ all with having great type and moderate size! 014HO07842 Mayo will make great milking healthy cows that will last a lifetime in your herd!
Hop in the water and ride the Riptide!
At +8.2 PL 014HO07844 Riptide ranks amongst the best in the breed. Combine that with +2.2 DPR and you are sure to like what you see. But Riptide is able to do all this without having to give up production! Clocking in at +1942lbs of milk and +110 CFP he is sure to sire daughters that will put it in the bulk tank for years to come! Negative stature and high producing healthy cows, what’s not to love!


Long lasting cows from AccelBay
Who doesn’t like cows that get bred back early? Well if you like that then 014HO07859 AccelBay is the bull that should be on the top of the book. In the DPR category he shines with a +4.8 and +4.6 fertility index. Furthermore, AccelBay will sire animals that will fit in your commercial set up, cows that will fit in the freestall and have no problem fitting into your parlor. To top it all off, 014HO07859 AccelBay is +8.8 PL.  Keep your dairy at bay and order some 014HO07859 AccelBay today!


Sweet traits from a prolific cow family
014HO07862 Macau offers a unique combination of great health and indexes from a well-known cow  family. Coming in at +858 NM$ and over +8.1 PL there’s a lot to like right off the bat. When you look even further, you’ll see that his daughters will be extremely fertile with a +3.2 DPR.  All with coming from the same family as some bulls with the likes of 014HO07781 Distinction!