ABS Global Congratulates Semen and Tank Winner Sebastian Faria

ABS Global, Inc. congratulates Sebastian Faria as the winner of the 2012 World Dairy Expo promotion, which included a semen tank from MVE and $1000 worth of ABS-sired products. Faria is the herd manager of Faria Dairies, Arizona and Texas.

Sebastian entered to win this exciting package at the ABS Global booth during World Dairy Expo in October, where he learned of the outstanding dairy sire lineup and additional programs and services offered by ABS Global.

“As Jersey breeders, we have been using ABS son 529JE0607 MAXIMUM and really like the consistency in the daughters,” stated Sebastian, herd manager. “We look forward to seeing more from MAXIMUM sons, and have also had tremendous success with the JPI-leading ABS sire, 29JE3624 VERNON.”

Sebastian Faria and his sons Mark, Jason and Nelson own and operate two dairies in Arizona and Texas. They are an entirely Jersey herd that focuses on progressive genetics and utilizing up-and-coming cow families to better their herd.