2020 National Holstein Convention will be held in Lancaster, PA

We invite you to Pennsylvania for the 2020 National Holstein Convention – where we are leading the Holstein vision. The 2020 National Holstein Convention will be held June 22-26, 2020 in Lancaster, PA.

​While here, you’re invited to visit world-renowned farms and cattle on pre-convention and host day tours. Our nation’s history is rooted here in Pennsylvania and we’re offering tours that step back in time to witness Amish culture and visit the battlegrounds in Gettysburg. If you’re up for a sweet adventure, check out the tour to Hersheypark.

Check back on the website as the year goes on for more details on this exciting 2020 National Holstein Convention! Follow along on social media with our event hashtag #2020HolsteinVision and join in with your own fun posts leading up to the event!



Source: National Holstein Convention 2020